In Vain

If you were to describe the world that day in a word it would be ‘chaos’. Not that it was a special day by any means it was just another day…

All around there was noise and smoke and movement and sweat…vehicles, people, animals..It was morning in the city so much so that you would imagine that the earth from outer space would look like this huge green brown blue ball surrounded all around by this huge cloud of smoke coming from the millions of cities that had woken up that morning..

Oh yes, ‘She’ was there too..she is a part of the infinitesmally small player on corporate earth…as she sat there in the bus her surroundings flashing by in a blur before her eyes. Her gaze was  transfixed..distant yet focused, the pupils dilating from the varying degrees of sunlight streaming through the glass…She saw… The ridges, the curves, the minute microscopic pores that were visible on the reflection of her face she saw and absorbed..she studied her make up- her scars were barely noticable, she made a mental note to restock her concealer.

Her eyes were perfect the browns and blacks of her shadow perfectly blended. There were a few lines around her mouth and maybe a couple close to her eyes.’ no ones perfect’, she told herself..she wondered about her cheeks..was she chubby?..did she just notice a slight bulge around the area right below her eyes? they were just fine..she was amazed at her perfection through the reflection…

The bus had stopped. She realised her reflection was  no longer accompanied by the motion of trees and vehicles and moving bodies..she got up and stepped down and walked and while she walked all she could think of was how amazing she was…


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain. what do you think? :)

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