She opened her laptop..It was time..time to wake up..her hands automatically searched for her favorite social networking sites..had there been a post a message a tweet a photo a video put up in the 7 hours that she had been asleep..sweet sweet sleep…there were a couple of updates..nothing important or interesting..

She put on her running shoes and track gear and stepped out, keys, water bottle,i pod and off late mace in hand…what was it she feared as she stepped out into the darkness? was it the lone serial killer in the shadows, the crazy rapist or was it the human figures she imagined she could see through the corner of her eye sitting in the drivers seat of the cars parked in the parking lot of her apartment? She ran..

The moon shone through the clouds..she looked up and saw the moon it looked like a huge chunk of creamy luminiscent cheese..but tonight someone had sliced a quarter of a piece of for later perhaps..Cheese yummmm…she thought…must go slow on the carbs…rolls of abdomen fat lining her waist..she imagined the fat melting as she ran and ran that morning past the street lights and the trees and the cars..people were awake getting ready for work a couple of cars were already whizzing past her…..

She got back to her apartment…drank a whole bottle of water felt like swallowing a waterfall…she sat down on the floor laptop in hand and browsed again..wondering if shed missed anything at all….

stock-footage-timelapse-of-a-first-quarter-moon-in-clear-dark-skies-this-is-still-frame-animation-from-high.jpg (400×224)

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Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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