Are you Happy?

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The question is pretty straight forward. And as per the algorithm that has been drawn out by some straight talking- no- non sense individual from our technology dominated era the answer is pretty straightforward too..You are either happy or not. If not, change whatever it is that you’ve identified as keeping you in your state of melancholy and make your way to blisss..

But lets face it things are not as easy as this algorithm drawn out by our friend.Change takes steady and conscious effort. Our habits and actions are controlled by that very important organ located upstairs of the body temple called the brain. Studies show that Habits are so ingrained in our brain that the synapses transmit impulses automatically that we dont have to even think when we do something when they have become a habit …bzz bzz..wake up..bzz..chug coffee…bzbzz…breakfast eggs and toast with cereal….bzbzz..walk to freezer 1..2…3..locating  tub of icecream bzzz..bzz…feet moving towards chocolate cake in the pantry…bzbzz…must eat apple..well maybe its not food that’s the problem it can be an addiction to anything alcohol, smoking, emotional/physical abuse..sometimes people walk through life in zombie state..

Well, all hopes not lost. Our brain has not completely surrendered control to our habits.According to research there are areas in the pre frontal cortex that pick up new actions. The key is to identify toxic behaviors/people and consciously (with some effort nevertheless in the beginning) and negate them from our lives. They say it takes three weeks (21 days) to form a habit. I first read about this in Robin Sharma’s famous book – The Monk who Sold his Ferrari (great read by the way) for people living in the fastrack who ignore whats actually important in life until its too late and how you can turn your life around. So dear friend, if your answer to the question – Are you Happy? follows the arrow to the right and leads to No and you’ve identified what it is you need to change , identify and translate to action the change you wish to/want to/yearn to/deperate  to effect and stick with it for 21 days..Im sure you’ll feel a lot better…


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

4 thoughts on “Are you Happy?”

  1. Valid point. As shown in the image, “Change Something” is probably the reason for one’s success or failure. Our habits and roots definitely take time to amend. Perseverance is so important to make this happen. I mostly fail. But sometimes succeed.. 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by SC, the key is to give yourself a pat in the back and replicate the success whenever it happens… 🙂 Thank you once again.

  2. Congratulations on your blog Nishi.. Loved your style of writing 😍😍.. Keep it coming ..

    And yes I am happy ☺️.. I wasn’t for a long time while growing up but I learned to fake it , keeping a happy smile always – which I think became a habit as you say – and that led me to the “yes” .

    1. Hey Sarah, thank you very much for your feedback..:)
      I totally understand what you are saying..Sometimes we become a victim to our circumstances and life seems unfair but when the time comes to make that change and empower ourselves by moving out of victim mode thats when our inner strength shines through and the true winner is declared..Thank you oh so much Sarah for the comment ..means a lot..keep smiling that famous Sarah smile… 🙂 love. what do you think? :)

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