Should I learn kung-fu?

Many Many years ago my mother and brother were out shopping and as my mother was paying the cashier for the grocery my brother almost knocked the purse off her hand and surprised the cashier by doing an impromptu bow in front of  all the others standing in line..Mother was about to tell him off when she noticed standing tall in the opposite aisle was his Karate master Sensei – chest pushed out looking very serious nodding back in acknowledgement…For many years we’ve laughed at this particular incident recounted with considerable exaggeration by mum  and teased my brother for ‘grovelling’.

This post is not about my baby brother, who by the way is no baby  no more. Today as  I was browsing through the net I saw this video on women in Egypt taking up martial arts for self defense and a famous actor in India was saying that all girls must be taught kung-fu for self defense…

Im all for learning a new art and kung fu would be great considering its a great form of work out as well..however will  that be enough protection for women kind?..The blog  My Son would never rape a girl’  by blogger Epiphany in the Cacophony was such a thought provoking piece makes you wonder where in the world a woman is safe..Open a woman’s bag and along with her make up and keys you should today find a pepper spray or a sharp edged object and maybe in the future even a gun? The Abuser is everywhere in the world, in every geography and in every age group and for the woman to draw herself into a shell is not an option; especially when today, she is not just the homemaker but in many homes the sole bread winner…So yes, all you women out there lets try and get all the help we can get and trust our intuitions and gut feel when it comes to sensing danger in all cases..and let us always be there for each other irrespective or age, gender,skin colour or race..


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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