Rigor Mortis

So what do you do when you draw a blank?

When your mind is like a huge blank blackboard in an empty classroom?

When you feel you have nothing on it? ….Almost as though some heavenly being through its magic powers from a universe far far away using this celestial gun blew a huge hole in your brain resulting in a temporary suspension of imagination and the power to think…Almost like you are in a trance and you are just going about lifes activities like a machine – mechanically..

Im sure a lot of us must feel this way ..and I envy those who don’t. Who even in their sleep are thinking of ideas and the words just keep popping inside their head like popcorn..Pop..Pop..Pop… and its all over the place…whose life experiences have made them so creatively wealthy they keep giving and giving to their audience who greedily devour their offering..

The funny part..its frustrating…. and yet so  peaceful..this inability to think… to express… to feel..this rigor mortis…

When will you wake up? you ask yourself..when will I feel inspired and alive again..I am breathing so its perhaps a matter of will..

I blame the weather the cold, damp, rain thats dampened my thoughts making them soggy and covered in moss, I blame the lighting for my inability to see my thoughts, I blame the stress…

Its just a matter of time..tic toc tic toc

woman-black-dark-eyes-x-women-25398.jpg (1366×768)


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

Heyy...so what do you think? :)

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