What goes around…

My daughter is two and a half and is at that phase in her life parents refer to as the terrible twos..a colleague of mine with children told me that its not just two but all ages that start with the letter ‘t’ are going to be as tear-your-hair-off-frustrating.

So coming back to my two year old, she gets cranky every now and then and so I decided maybe some fresh air and change of scene would be a good distraction and get her in the right mood..We head out and the lil ones super excited to go on this field trip sans baby stroller – ‘Destination Library’ (so I called it, which would be followed by an hours play at the park before lunch) ..So we start walking the mile long walk along the sidewalk. It would take us twenty four minutes as per google maps..with a baby crazy right..yes Im crazy that way sometimes. And the weather was as you would read in a story – ‘It was a ย bright and sunny afternoon’..The first couple of minutes of the walk we were fine and then the heat started getting the better of the both of us ( Its not yet summer in Utah but that particular afternoon the sun was right over our heads and you could feel the rays pierce your skin)..

And then it began- the crying and the pleading to pick her up..I look at her with the ‘Admit your mother is a ‘little’ healthy but seriously child, do you expect me to do what I think you want me to do?’ look and the intensity of her wailing just keeps going up till I finally lift her in my arms and its like shes a totally different person all sugar and spice and all things nice.

We make it to the library and back a wiser mum, sore arms, sore feet ย and a tired baby who was knocked out for the whole afternoon.

Flashback a decade and a couple of years ago when I was around thirteen my mum and I had just come down to India and mum was yet to get her drivers license .One day she decides we should all walk to church. It was just for 15 minutes but I remember how difficult I had been and how I was giving her an ear full on what a lousy idea it was, that my legs were paining and ‘if we were home yet’ ..

Motherhood is definitely not as bad as it sounds . To put off anyone who is looking forward to the experience is not what I have in mind. Like every experience Motherhood has its lows and highs. Lows when you are faced with stubborn and infinitely annoying cry baby who in some situations is not sure what she wants herself that coupled with the fact shes still learning to communicate..aargh! and the highs when, when you least expect it she wraps her little arms around your neck and surprises you with a tight hug and a lovely kiss on the cheek…moments like that you wish you could just press the pause button and just freeze the hour, the minute the second forever.

By the way Mom, I get it – ‘what goes around comes around’…I would like you to know I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I’m truly sorry for all the times I’ve been a total pain in the you-know-where….To all the lovely mothers out there..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Mother-and-Child.jpg (514ร—650)

Image courtesy: http://www.hometown-pasadena.com


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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