I was sold a rock

Walking down the road,
On a sunny day;
By the side Oh Lord!
were these children at play.

One of the little girls
came running towards me;
Her lovely braid dangling down like ice cream swirls,
Her frock dancing round her knee,

‘Oh Hello Maam she began’,
her angelic face aglow;
‘Would you please stop by our stand,
where the flowers grow?’

‘Oh Sure little girl, what is it that,
you would like to show me?
A bat? A hat? A special mat?
Of course, Id love Β to see’

‘Well maam let me show you,
our lovely work of art,
and buy this if you do,
I guarantee Β it will never fall apart.’

‘To achieve this perfection-
This exquisite flawless color..’
she said with strong conviction,
‘We used pine cones from nature and many a bright big flower’

But I could see it was just a rock;
and it looked like nothing else.
No special tint or hue or lock,
Or special string of bells.

‘How much do you want for this
This piece of art exemplaire?’
I asked with mock seriousness
to this ‘business belle’

‘Ten dollars’ she said,
‘Thats too much’ said I
‘One dollar’ she then said
without batting either eye

I could see her friends behind her
Breath held, in anticipation
Gaze focused on me the buyer
What will become of this transaction?

‘Twenty five cents is all I have’
saying I paid the lass the same.
I saw the girls breathe -relieved
‘What a lovely dame!’

I walked back home
with stone in hand
the size of a big dome
carry it with me I didΒ ‘stead of throwing onto the sand

This stone may be useless,
as you and I may find.
But the little girls alacrity and her innocence
Have been etched into my mind.



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

9 thoughts on “I was sold a rock”

  1. This story is deja vu for me. My neighbor told me a similar story. She bought a sea shell from my daughter for a dollar. She spoke fondly of her and her expertise in the sale (haha). I repeated the story to my daughter who laughed (she’s 27 now). She never forget that sale or the lady. She remembers her fondly.
    You did a good deed πŸ™‚

    1. Aww..Thank you so much Lulu for sharing that story…the happiness on the face of the little girl ..that look of triumph and sense of achievement once the ‘sale’ was through was priceless..I was so intrigued by the way she described how she and her friends with a lot of effort ‘colored’ the rock..very cute and smart child…..Thank you once again Lulu.. πŸ™‚

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