Ramblings on ‘The Paradise’

I was reading this book ‘The New Yorkers’ by Author Cathleen Schine and in it she writes one of the characters telling the other and I paraphrase – ‘Boredom is merely a famine of  imagination’; which I realise is so true! Well, for the the past one week my imagination has kept me busy 😉 I imagined myself in a drama full of romance, rose gardens, high teas and idyllic country sides…

So, I watched this ‘oh so dreamy’ series called ‘The Paradise’ those of you who have Netflix and who are into Jane Austen and period costume dramas do check it out. It is a story adapted from the novel Au Bonheur des Dames  written by Emile Zola set in the 1800s about the first department store in North East England. It is also a love story between John Moray (Emun Elliott) and Denise Lovett (Joanna Vanderham). The love that develops between Denise the bright eyed, intelligent, beautiful young shop girl and John Moray the enigmatic, inspirational and charismatic entrepreneur is so beautifully drawn out and the attraction between the two as depicted runs deep and the two bond on a psychological level..

Moray being a widower who loved his wife deeply even after her sudden death  is entangled in a complicated relationship with Lady Katherine Glendenning (Elaine Cassidy) the daughter of a very wealthy banker (from whom he gets the funding for his enterprise) The relationship initiated mostly by the Lady herself . He is aware he is falling for Denise but is hesitant as would anyone who has loved and has had their heart broken by the loss of a loved one. Then finally in episode 6 in Season 1 Denise despite her resolve, breaks down and confesses she has fallen for Moray and says, “I love you, John. I cannot help myself. I promised myself I would never tell you. But I-I love you so that I cannot sleep, and I cannot think, and I cannot remember my own name half the time” Sigh!.. By the way I must say Emun Elliott his dimples, intense eyes and spectacular acting had me fall thud! from scene one.

4825232-high-the-paradise2.jpg (4281×2854)

Sure, class distinctions were existent and appearance was everything and women had to wear tight corsets and though they worked were denied many rights (centuries later couldnt help but find parallels for all the above exist in this current age too..) Neverthless Im in love with Victorian England , the chivalry of the men, the general sense of propriety and the social graces….

The show runs to two seasons and has not been scheduled for a third due to the success of its rival show which is very very sad. I’ve even gone to the extend of signing the petition asking for the show to come back with 5000 others dont know if it will make a dent but anyways worth a shot..I did feel guilty signing the petition when there are so many other important things happening around the world women and children being abducted , a group of 6 students jailed and then released in Iran for dancing to Pharrell’s Happy which was ridiculous…

But do go check out this link when you get the time. The song is so dreamy and I forget the last time I felt so dreamy… Stranger in Paradise by Sarah Brightman..so Ive been  playing and replaying this song over and over..Hope you guys enjoy and I hope ‘The Paradise’ returns for another season.



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

5 thoughts on “Ramblings on ‘The Paradise’”

  1. Like your explanation of boredom. Another memory-worthy description of boredom I read somewhere, loosely reproduced, is “boredom was invented in the eighteen hundreds, alongwith machines and mass production”, a comment as much on boredom as on people who claimed to suffer from it.

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