About First Impressions

Growing up a saying that I heard a lot was that the ‘first impression was the best impression’..I heard it so many times at home, in school and even on T V through the many advertisements that irritatingly showed up while you were watching your favorite T V show. Why we all know the first impression that strikes our mind when we meet someone new often sticks to our memory and most often in the couple of minutes that follow we decide whether or not we would like to associate with that person in future.

Apparently it only takes us one tenth of a second to make an impression about the person who we interact with. Also,it is said to be from an evolutionary perspective, a ‘survival tactic’ practised by our forefathers – the cavemen.

How much can we rely on first impressions these days? We’ve all been guilty of in ways ‘tweaking’ and sometimes twerking..(just kiddding!!) our personalities in different situations (job interviews, dates, meeting the in laws just to name a few) to create that ‘perfect first impression’. Depending on the degree to which this ‘tweaking’ was done it couldnt be classified as an offence..as they say – Fake it till you make it! (Unless of course it was for some malicious intent then thats a whole different blog post from hell)..Also Im not saying we should all be ice queens and turn a cold shoulder to all who come over and say hello as what kind of soceity would that make us? (then again people rarely come and say hello these days..No time no time at all)

So this old video of Susan Boyle and her first audition at Britains Got Talent had me thinking-  A, This powerhouse of talent took 47 years to get recognised when shes been singing since she was twelve and wanted to become a professional singer all that time B, Even when shes finally made it to the competition, everyone was only too eager to sneer and judge her based on her external appearance and label her ‘cheeky’ before she even she actually did what she had come there to do – sing that oh so heavenly’ song I dream a dream from Les Miserables in her mellifluous voice…Dont know what it is but every time I watch this video I bawl like a child – tears of happiness ofcourse….

So not to get into a lengthy discourse on first impressions..but I feel this saying about ‘first impressions being the ‘best impression” should be taken with a pinch of salt and maybe we ought to rethink our primitive tendencies while forming our final impressions on people and situations…We all trust our instincts and our inner voice but for many I guess this voice gets muffled and sometimes stifled in the midst of all our ‘busy – ness’..nowadays we rely heavily on technology and the media to make a lot of our decisions..so much so that people are using trends and fads to define their personality…

Ommm…So, lets sit crossed legged on our yoga mats, close our eyes, breathe from your core, meditatee..Okaay I was just pulling your leg there but yes, lets dig deep down and pull out our inner voice from all that stress and that latest remix techno beat thats blasting through your earphones into your ear…Happy weekend folks!




Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

9 thoughts on “About First Impressions”

  1. First impressions are rarely correct ones. I try not to develop them. I know that sounds odd, but what I do is just take it one step at a time, knowing full well we all mess up along the way. At one time I taught students who had a choice; go to this school I was teaching at, or go to prison. On the first day I always told them, “I don’t know what you did, but you didn’t do it to me. So we’re good. You do bad to me then you lose my trust.” I was the most popular teacher there and had no problems with the students. Other teachers were afraid of them, but I actually had them walk me to my car to make sure no other students that didn’t know me didn’t bother me.
    Very good article topic.

    1. Totally agree with you to take it one step at a time is a good way to go.Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the students..They were indeed lucky to have you as a teacher..your non judgemental and broad minded approach mustve been a breath of fresh air when all theyve had to deal with were stereotypes..Honored to be interacting with you…Thank you Ronovan!

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