To diet or to fail????


cute-animals-7.jpg (500Ɨ375)

To diet or to fail is the big decision

Either way it’s all the same.

It has happened so very often

I know not the difference –

between the two so,

To diet or to fail is the big decision

Guess I’ll have to choose between the two

It is but a simple decision

but which requires immense determination

To diet or to fail –

Why has it become this huge resolution,

That requires major arbitration??

Women worry thrice a day and men they say are not far behind…

To diet or to fail that is the big decision.

Hope you enjoyed this silly Tuesday poem.. Have a great evening everyone!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

16 thoughts on “To diet or to fail????”

  1. Oddly this is a very real commentary on society. I know it was meant in fun but you speak a lot of truth. Many look at dieting really as just a failure waiting to happen. I was faced with possible diabetes and with no way to exercise after an accident I had to watch my food to lose weight. I lost 70 lbs in 6 months. I didn’t really eat any less, I just ate on a regular schedule and changed my thinking about foods, and a few things I drank, such as sodas.

    I believe many people just think they are going to fail so why even bother dieting? It’s the mind that has to ultimately make the change.
    Very nice silliness. šŸ™‚
    Much Respect

    1. 70 pounds in 6 months! thats awesome and you are so right its all about the mind set…I for one have deftly thought the thought you just mentioned..Why try? We tend to reach out to food as an emotional crutch to feel good instead of fuel for your body put in good fuel it shows..I wrote the poem and thought I was being very silly considering this was not talking about any deep and heatfelt emotion but just something that all of us worry and do nothing about – dieting and weight management..though Im glad you liked.. :)..

      1. Is there any doubt I will like? I like strong and intelligent women who share their voices. It allows me to learn. Even if I end up not agreeing with something I still will admire the intelligence behind it and the creativity of how it is put together.
        I also love the way women from India write. The phrasing is nice and perhaps a little clearer than the way we Americans do it.

      2. Thank you so much for your kind words..that is the person I aspire to your very open perspective Ronovan…by the way always welcome to share the things you dont quite agree with also….Thank you.. šŸ™‚ what do you think? :)

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