Why spoil the journey?

It is the general notion that women are most guilty of backseat driving a.k.a micromanaging a.k.a nagging.. why, almost all the cartoons on back seat driving had the woman nagging the ‘poor husband’ in the drivers seat

women-back_seat_driver-back_seat_driving-passengers-driver-car-tda0065l.jpg (400×473)

except for this one..see the look on the poor womans face…dont you just want to rush to her rescue..

poster2498.jpg (600×500)


I disagree with the popular notion and feel that men are equally (note the key word here is ‘equally’) vicious when it comes to back seat driving and this is’nt just restricted to driving it could spill over to almost every facet of life perhaps even the most mundane of household chores..like my husband the other day and his critique of my pancakes! Apparently the method I was using to pour the batter onto the pan wasnt the “right way”..seriously how many ways are there?! ..

I come from the state called Kerala in the southern most tip of the Indian sub continent that boasts of 100% literacy and more national and international policy formulation and debating happens there in  the small tea shops by the side of the roads on highways and tiny villages than it does in parliaments.

funny-quotes-23.jpg (500×500)

Then there are our arm chair intellectuals who would use all their pens and paper till the world has been stripped of all its trees but would not lift a finger when it comes to actually doing something to make a change……Not that I am against free expression and all these important discussions are indeed important in a civil and democratic society but are’nt these also very subtle forms of back seat driving? 

Backseat driving for me is such a disturbing situation I get a panic attack thinking about it..Dear Backseat driver, when you  sit comfortably and shout out directives and orders in an annoying tone of voice unbeknownst to you, you sound like chalk screeching on a blackboard and as for your looks if you thought you were an 8 -8.5 well now think again! That mangy dog by the side of the road might seem more attractive..(Harsh was I ? Well try listening to your sound bites). Im also reminded of this scene from Bedazzled (2000) where Elizabeth Hurley transforms into the devil when Brendan Fraser refuses to sign his soul off to her (By the way she still looks gorgeous in this one I couldnt get a picture of her as the devil)

000BDZ_Elizabeth_Hurley_084.jpg (852×480)

Should’nt we just trust the driver and give them space and peace of mind while keeping a look out for potential danger and maybe even keep them entertained lest they fall alseep? Im sure nobody likes to be nagged and micromanaged but at the same time none of us are too proud to accept help from a genuine (more pleasant sounding) source. So lets put aside all anxiety and animosity and to use a cliche ‘quit sweating the small stuff’ and focus on making this journey enjoyable for both the driver and for you!

1toddler+tantrum+locked+in+a+car.jpg (1437×1119)

…despite the crying baby in the backseat!



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

6 thoughts on “Why spoil the journey?”

  1. Back seat driving as more than something involving cars is an interesting thought. Putting it to those ‘know-it-all’ types who can pour pancakes better and offer writing or blogging tips better is appropriate. I give tips when in truth there are people reading them that are more qualified to do so.
    The sad part of back seat driving is that the reason it happens is because the back seat person doesn’t realize that people think differently. The destination may be the same but the way to get there may be different. This can apply to politics or social issues as well.

    I liked the article. It makes one thing differently about things. Very well done. I have tried to come up with ideas of articles to do like this and keep failing. I write poems instead that ramble and mean nothing.

    If you ever want any back seat critique such as if I spot typos and you have Twitter, we can follow each other and I can send you a message. I don’t like doing that in comments. Not that I am saying that I see any here. It’s the teacher in me to offer the help.

    Much Envy

    1. As i said Ronovan Im sure a lot of us in the blogging world look up to people like you and appreciate you sharing your words of wisdom..I would definitely not include any of your 101s as back seat driving..We love the teacher in you..Im only opposed to people who walk around with the ‘God complex’..and you are right the need to accept that there may be different ways to do the same thing.. :)..You write on awesome topics..I envy you Sir!
      Thank you for your words of appreciation at times I just force myself to write when no matter what the topic..have actually wondered if this was the right approach considering the numbers…would love to hear your critique..@Nishpal1 is following you on Twitter.. 🙂 Thank you Ronovan.

      1. I like your theme of life topics, as I call them. I don’t know what all of your numbers are in regards to visits and views but you make good points in your articles. We just have to get the audience to you, which is the difficult part in this great big world of Blogging. 🙂

    1. Lol!! Has happened to me many times too just go to my happy place and everything in the background just becomes noise! Haha…glad to see you back Lulu!

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