Life in a Day

I felt the sun kiss my face as I woke up. It was a bright new day and I leapt off the bed. I brushed my teeth and ran into the kitchen to gulp down my breakfast.I ran to the back of the house and said hello to the cows and then sneaked up from behind my father and gave him a scare. I tip toed into granny’s room and hid her bottle of pills..I just loved to push her buttons.. just to annoy her.Screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-7.01.01-PM.png (870×537)

It was afternoon the sun was blazing hot

I stood outside the college hallway I saw him there he looked at me and smiled that irresistable smile with his signature tilt of his head. He was so cute and I felt like I could spend my whole life simply breathing the air that surrounded him. He noticed me (my heart skipped a beat and in my mind I did a happy dance) He teased me and called me nicknames which no one called me but him..‘Ohh he loves me’ I thought..I knew it in my heart.

Until I saw him sit next to this girl, a junior..all the boys were crazy about her. She was perfect but surely he would see right through her..She didnt love him!..He sat close to her and whispered something in her ear and kissed her on her cheek

I was devastated.

It was evening – my baby is playing in the backyard..He is precious and beautiful like the roses that bloom in the garden of the home my husband and I built. His older brother is playing football with his friends.He loves the outdoors and nature as much as his father. I water the plants while the children play..

The sun has gone down as I sit in my rocking chair on the porch knitting a sweater for my grandchild I think of all the moments and recount the stories of the years gone by in my head. As I take stock in the balance sheet of my life – triumphs and disappointments, friends and enemies,delightful miracles, erroneous mistakes, moments of applause and moments of regret..I smile and sigh..

When the sky turns pitch dark and the stars are no longer visible, a peace comes over me I shut my eyes. The day has come to an end.



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

8 thoughts on “Life in a Day”

  1. Lovely story!
    Oh, you skipped the part where he makes the biggest mistake over and over. And lucky you, your man was in the wings waiting and knew he loved you the moment he saw you. 🙂
    And they lived happily ever after 😀 what do you think? :)

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