‘My Best Friend’

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“Ann and Florence BFFs forever”

Ann loved Florence..they went to school together, she shared the chewy brown sugar cookies and peanut butter sandwiches her mother used to lovingly pack for her with Florence. Everyday after school she would reserve a seat on the bus for Florence so they could sit together on the way home back from school and all this while they would chat and laugh..They were only in the first grade but they had so much to say to each other..Little girls learn the art of gossip pretty early so that by the time they are adults they become expert architects of the grapevine. Once home Ann would do her homework, watch TV have her dinner and go to bed all the while looking forward to meeting her best friend in school.

Night gave way to morning and Ann woke up to yet another school day. The first class was English.Miss Lourdes was their English teacher. Ann liked Miss Lourdes she was strict and God knows she had a temper but she could be fun when in a good mood. Every day at the end of the class would be an assignement. Today it was to write an essay in not more than five sentences on the topic – My Best Friend..

‘This is going to be a piece of cake!’ Ann thought….if she was a little older she would have said ‘Duh!” but she didnt she was only 7 years old and she was very lady like even in her thoughts. She wrote the essay that night in her yellow composition book.

My Best Friends name is Florence.
She is in my class.
She is a very good girl and very pretty too.
We share our food and play together.
She likes Barbie dolls and her favorite food is Peanut Butter sandwich”

She was quite happy with her ‘essay’ of five short sentences. She shut her book did her math homework and went to sleep to wake up the next day to catch the school bus to school. The children were all seated in their seats when Miss Lourdes stepped in to the classroom. Seeing the teacher they stood up and wished her. Miss Lourdes wished them back and she sat at her table and asked if everyone was ready with their ‘essay’. The students shouted a resounding ‘yes’..

Miss Lourdes got up and surveyed the class and then called out “Florence”..Florence looked up and so did Ann..”Florence, would you please read your essay for the class to hear?”.

It wasnt her that Miss Lourdes called but Ann felt her body shiver with excitement her arms were on her desk extended over her yellow English composition book..Her fingers folded over the book tightly as if she was preventing it from falling, when it was safely in the middle of the desk..she inched towards the edge of the chair, her ears perked up like a chihuahua.If she moved even a tiny bit forward she would fall, hitting her backside on the hard tiled classroom floor.

Florence walked up to the front of the classroom and stood beside the teachers table. She opened her composition book and began to read her essay

My Best Friends name is Katy
She is in my class
She loves Barbies (like me)
She has very pretty hair and very pretty eyes
She dances very well (and I like her a lot)

Ann didnt hear the essay beyond the first sentence. Her little mind experienced feelings she had never felt before. She sat there transfixed. Her eyes welled with tears but she lowered her head and wiped them on her sleeve.She held onto her composition book. The rest of the hour was all a haze to little Ann..but she was a brave little girl..she didnt fret or fight.At such a young age she knew she had to accept this.She did however vow never to share her Peanut Butter sandwiches or her chewy gooey brown sugar cookies with Florence any more.

As time passed she did break her promise. She did share her cookies with Florence after that day but one thing she did was she was careful never to share her heart with anyone any more….

 Do you remember your first best friend? Do share your best friend stories.Children are very reselient but heartbreaks so early in life sometimes take a lifetime to heal.





Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

16 thoughts on “‘My Best Friend’”

  1. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    What a wonderful story. It makes me wonder the source of the story. Is it just made up, the story of a daughter, friends, or did Nishi change the names to protect the tender hearted? You really must read this story and if your hear isn’t aching for the little girl by the end then you are heartless.
    Much Admiration for This

    1. That was a sweet but strong messaged story…. we all have heartaches and that does start from the tender age, when it seems trivial. But such similar stories get repeated in different mature form as age advances. Well written Nishi…keep going 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words..yes especially when it happens in childhood..at the cost of sounding redundant children are resilient it all goes into preparing them for the world ..thank you once again..and for giving me the opportunity to visit your blog..looking forward to many more interactions..:)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this story and know exactly how Ann felt. I’ve been there a few times in my life, but not as I have grown older. That feeling is with me right now after reading your story but I’m so glad it’s only because of reading, and not for real.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing Hugh..so true the sting of these experiences though they fade with time help us in our choices as we grow older…Thank you once again.

  3. This was quite a departure from what you usually write nik nish…I was rereading the story of that creepy grandmom the other day!I could completely relate to this…and I think the way you wrote it…simple,sweet and honest was exactly what this story needed.

    1. Thank you very much Anjj..yes, this story involved the experience of a little child and her very tender emotions I had no option but to write it this way and Im very glad that it touched you and you were able to relate to it…Thank you dear..

  4. A very sweet story. We all love to be loved. Ann would have really been heart broken at that moment. I guess this incident would have been an eye opener for her and would have defined several of her later decisions.

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