Birthdays – noone youer than you.

Mondays I guess I should dedicate to my rambles…Its the start of the new week you are just recovering from the hangover of a weekend so swiftly gone by and recouping for the challenges of the new week. So no taxing the brain just some regular chit -chat..

Last weekend was special since Friday was my Birthday

img-1661897-1-kepa-yay-flags.jpg (600×397)

I had intended for a birthday post however, I got very busy and that did not happen..As they say its never too late to write a birthday post. Noones said that before?!!

Sure birthdays are all about getting a year older and if you want to be a grumpy grinch about it..sure you can but I dont intend to be one..Birthdays are joyous occassions Its the day to celebrate ..In the words of a woman I admire, Oprah Winfrey, “The more you praise and celebrate in your life the more you have to celebrate.”..So true isnt it?

The day was made specially special by all my dear friends and family and their wishes..its the thought that counts. I dont need the flowers or the gifts the point is you remembered( with the help of Facebook or not) and picked up the phone to call or your laptop to type out that message and that is the most special thing and the best birthday gift you could give me…See how low maintenance I am.

From my husband on the other hand I expect flowers, chocolates the whole shebang (not so low maintenance now am I?) and does he deliver on all the above ..Nope! and he rarely disappoints.

Which makes me ask these very important questions to all my dear lady friends who may be reading this…

Why are some men like this?..

Would’nt it be nice to wake up to flowers and birthday cake on our birthday ladies? or is it just me?

Okay so thought maybe I shouldnt just let this go this time as the key to any good relationship is communication..

I asked him and he said…he said…wait for it………….”I thought you were on a diet.”

Well…who diets on their BIRTHDAY!!

Jokes apart he did take me out for dinner.We went out to The Cheesecake Factory and I pigged out on a huge plate of Shepherd’s pie..Yes thats huge..and I couldnt finish it..Guess Im not that big a pig afterall.. 🙂

shepherds pie

This birthday was even more special to me since I was starting a brand new decade of my life..Yes..I turned twenty !

3987976-335689-surprised-woman.jpg (480×319)

I was just kidding..Whhaaat you already knew I was lying! guys! To make myself feel a lil special I went out and got a haircut ..It was long overdue as you would notice from the photo below.. here are the hair headshots before and after..nothing drastic just a couple of layers…


So all in all it was a quite birthday but a special one and I wished myself borrowing  words from the great Dr. Seuss

Today you are you!

Thats truer than true

Theres no one alive

who is youer than you!


He said she said….


ncEEbbacA.jpeg (500×359)

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asked

“Cooking” she said

“Are you watching that show on your iPad?”

“Hmm.. yes” she said

“Why cant you just do one thing at a time?”

“Because I CAN do both” she said

“Whatever” he said dismissively

“What are you doing?” she asked

“Working” he said

“And your headphones?”she asked

“What about them?

“They’re in your ear”

“Im listening to music” he said

“Let me see… and Facebooks open..”she said peering into the laptop screen

“Yea, so?”

“I rest my case”

Word of Warning: Never text and drive.

‘My Best Friend’

twopups.jpg (425×319)

“Ann and Florence BFFs forever”

Ann loved Florence..they went to school together, she shared the chewy brown sugar cookies and peanut butter sandwiches her mother used to lovingly pack for her with Florence. Everyday after school she would reserve a seat on the bus for Florence so they could sit together on the way home back from school and all this while they would chat and laugh..They were only in the first grade but they had so much to say to each other..Little girls learn the art of gossip pretty early so that by the time they are adults they become expert architects of the grapevine. Once home Ann would do her homework, watch TV have her dinner and go to bed all the while looking forward to meeting her best friend in school.

Night gave way to morning and Ann woke up to yet another school day. The first class was English.Miss Lourdes was their English teacher. Ann liked Miss Lourdes she was strict and God knows she had a temper but she could be fun when in a good mood. Every day at the end of the class would be an assignement. Today it was to write an essay in not more than five sentences on the topic – My Best Friend..

‘This is going to be a piece of cake!’ Ann thought….if she was a little older she would have said ‘Duh!” but she didnt she was only 7 years old and she was very lady like even in her thoughts. She wrote the essay that night in her yellow composition book.

My Best Friends name is Florence.
She is in my class.
She is a very good girl and very pretty too.
We share our food and play together.
She likes Barbie dolls and her favorite food is Peanut Butter sandwich”

She was quite happy with her ‘essay’ of five short sentences. She shut her book did her math homework and went to sleep to wake up the next day to catch the school bus to school. The children were all seated in their seats when Miss Lourdes stepped in to the classroom. Seeing the teacher they stood up and wished her. Miss Lourdes wished them back and she sat at her table and asked if everyone was ready with their ‘essay’. The students shouted a resounding ‘yes’..

Miss Lourdes got up and surveyed the class and then called out “Florence”..Florence looked up and so did Ann..”Florence, would you please read your essay for the class to hear?”.

It wasnt her that Miss Lourdes called but Ann felt her body shiver with excitement her arms were on her desk extended over her yellow English composition book..Her fingers folded over the book tightly as if she was preventing it from falling, when it was safely in the middle of the desk..she inched towards the edge of the chair, her ears perked up like a chihuahua.If she moved even a tiny bit forward she would fall, hitting her backside on the hard tiled classroom floor.

Florence walked up to the front of the classroom and stood beside the teachers table. She opened her composition book and began to read her essay

My Best Friends name is Katy
She is in my class
She loves Barbies (like me)
She has very pretty hair and very pretty eyes
She dances very well (and I like her a lot)

Ann didnt hear the essay beyond the first sentence. Her little mind experienced feelings she had never felt before. She sat there transfixed. Her eyes welled with tears but she lowered her head and wiped them on her sleeve.She held onto her composition book. The rest of the hour was all a haze to little Ann..but she was a brave little girl..she didnt fret or fight.At such a young age she knew she had to accept this.She did however vow never to share her Peanut Butter sandwiches or her chewy gooey brown sugar cookies with Florence any more.

As time passed she did break her promise. She did share her cookies with Florence after that day but one thing she did was she was careful never to share her heart with anyone any more….

 Do you remember your first best friend? Do share your best friend stories.Children are very reselient but heartbreaks so early in life sometimes take a lifetime to heal.




The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very-inspiring-blogger-award.jpg (300×196)

Its been a couple of months since Ive started to blog and so far Ive had fun – coming up with ideas, drafting the posts editing them and finally publishing them..I am  extremely happy to have found new friends here and I must say it came as a very pleasant surprise when Ronovan from Ronovanwrites first gave me the heads up regarding the fact that he had nominated me for the mentioned award. Thank you Ronovan for nominating me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Ronovan writes from the heart and is an encourager. Do check him out :)Though this post comes a week late Ron, I would like you to know I appreciate the thought and graciously accept the nomination.Thank you once again.

Here are the things to know about the Award:

1. Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Oh okay now comes the difficult part and perhaps the reason why this post was so late in coming

Seven things about myself

1. Sticking with Ronovans first point about himself I am a Cancerian – Imaginative,Intuitive, tenacious, loyal and emotional…and I would like to believe that all of this helps me in my writing.                                                                                                                    cancer+crab+ed+text+bg+small.jpg (844×793)

2. I have a B.A in English and an MBA. Ive always loved the English language and as a kid used to constantly be correcting   grammatical errors that people made as they spoke in my mind during a conversation but as time passed have tended to make a couple myself while writing.

3. Like many Im an ambivert. Interacting with friends and family and meeting new people and getogethers gives me a lot of joy and I also enjoy my ‘me time’

4.While in school I loved reading books on myths and legends of Greece and of King Arthur and his Knights of the round table and all the wonderful and glorious tales from India’s Ramayana and the Mahabharat.I could go without TV for days if I had an Enid Blyton and would travel back in time to Victorian England with Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Ive read all of Dickens specially loved his Pickwick Papers.

Pickwick+Papers-2.jpg (420×583)

5.I love flowers – roses in particular..

6.I am a wife and a mother to a two and half year old baby girl who in my opinion is growing up very fast and this worries me because that would mean that I am growing old too.On the other hand, Im growing to love the wisdom that comes with age.

7.I love Middle Eastern and Italian Cuisine.I was born in the Middle East and hope that someday will be able to make it to Italy and specially Rome.

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Life in a Day

I felt the sun kiss my face as I woke up. It was a bright new day and I leapt off the bed. I brushed my teeth and ran into the kitchen to gulp down my breakfast.I ran to the back of the house and said hello to the cows and then sneaked up from behind my father and gave him a scare. I tip toed into granny’s room and hid her bottle of pills..I just loved to push her buttons.. just to annoy her.Screen-shot-2012-03-19-at-7.01.01-PM.png (870×537)

It was afternoon the sun was blazing hot

I stood outside the college hallway I saw him there he looked at me and smiled that irresistable smile with his signature tilt of his head. He was so cute and I felt like I could spend my whole life simply breathing the air that surrounded him. He noticed me (my heart skipped a beat and in my mind I did a happy dance) He teased me and called me nicknames which no one called me but him..‘Ohh he loves me’ I thought..I knew it in my heart.

Until I saw him sit next to this girl, a junior..all the boys were crazy about her. She was perfect but surely he would see right through her..She didnt love him!..He sat close to her and whispered something in her ear and kissed her on her cheek

I was devastated.

It was evening – my baby is playing in the backyard..He is precious and beautiful like the roses that bloom in the garden of the home my husband and I built. His older brother is playing football with his friends.He loves the outdoors and nature as much as his father. I water the plants while the children play..

The sun has gone down as I sit in my rocking chair on the porch knitting a sweater for my grandchild I think of all the moments and recount the stories of the years gone by in my head. As I take stock in the balance sheet of my life – triumphs and disappointments, friends and enemies,delightful miracles, erroneous mistakes, moments of applause and moments of regret..I smile and sigh..

When the sky turns pitch dark and the stars are no longer visible, a peace comes over me I shut my eyes. The day has come to an end.


Why spoil the journey?

It is the general notion that women are most guilty of backseat driving a.k.a micromanaging a.k.a nagging.. why, almost all the cartoons on back seat driving had the woman nagging the ‘poor husband’ in the drivers seat

women-back_seat_driver-back_seat_driving-passengers-driver-car-tda0065l.jpg (400×473)

except for this one..see the look on the poor womans face…dont you just want to rush to her rescue..

poster2498.jpg (600×500)


I disagree with the popular notion and feel that men are equally (note the key word here is ‘equally’) vicious when it comes to back seat driving and this is’nt just restricted to driving it could spill over to almost every facet of life perhaps even the most mundane of household my husband the other day and his critique of my pancakes! Apparently the method I was using to pour the batter onto the pan wasnt the “right way”..seriously how many ways are there?! ..

I come from the state called Kerala in the southern most tip of the Indian sub continent that boasts of 100% literacy and more national and international policy formulation and debating happens there in  the small tea shops by the side of the roads on highways and tiny villages than it does in parliaments.

funny-quotes-23.jpg (500×500)

Then there are our arm chair intellectuals who would use all their pens and paper till the world has been stripped of all its trees but would not lift a finger when it comes to actually doing something to make a change……Not that I am against free expression and all these important discussions are indeed important in a civil and democratic society but are’nt these also very subtle forms of back seat driving? 

Backseat driving for me is such a disturbing situation I get a panic attack thinking about it..Dear Backseat driver, when you  sit comfortably and shout out directives and orders in an annoying tone of voice unbeknownst to you, you sound like chalk screeching on a blackboard and as for your looks if you thought you were an 8 -8.5 well now think again! That mangy dog by the side of the road might seem more attractive..(Harsh was I ? Well try listening to your sound bites). Im also reminded of this scene from Bedazzled (2000) where Elizabeth Hurley transforms into the devil when Brendan Fraser refuses to sign his soul off to her (By the way she still looks gorgeous in this one I couldnt get a picture of her as the devil)

000BDZ_Elizabeth_Hurley_084.jpg (852×480)

Should’nt we just trust the driver and give them space and peace of mind while keeping a look out for potential danger and maybe even keep them entertained lest they fall alseep? Im sure nobody likes to be nagged and micromanaged but at the same time none of us are too proud to accept help from a genuine (more pleasant sounding) source. So lets put aside all anxiety and animosity and to use a cliche ‘quit sweating the small stuff’ and focus on making this journey enjoyable for both the driver and for you!

1toddler+tantrum+locked+in+a+car.jpg (1437×1119)

…despite the crying baby in the backseat!