grass-nature-sky-clouds-field-87504.jpg (1366×768)

Secrets are like clouds they float in the sky

Some are heavy others light

Some excite and tinkle your senses

like the first drop of rain in the hot sweltering summer

Some others are dense and dark

like grey thunderous clouds

that strike lightning – harrowing and sudden

Some secrets are like storms wreck havoc in lives

Sometimes irreversible others irreparable

Secrets close doors that may never open

wounding hearts that may never heal

Secrets form bonds that are forever sealed

Secrets are secrets and are meant to be kept

till the sun shines bright on a clear cloudless sky….



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

16 thoughts on “Secrets”

    1. It does isnt it ..mostly because part of the inspiration comes from those ‘murky’ times..Hope we never have to go through those again right Deeps..Lots of Love, Nishi

      1. I started last year to write poetry…last summer…had not written anything since my teen years …that would be 45 yrs ago. Practice…write so me more…practice…it does get better and you end up finding your own voice and style:)

      2. really, and now you write so well..practice is key…Thank you so much..your words inspire me to write even more…thank you once again.. what do you think? :)

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