Her prayer..

With her nails in angst

She ripped herself open,

Blood and flesh spewed and spluttered

Teeth grating she suppressed

The pain of her soma

Which was nothing in comparison

to the agony she felt

Inside her

Painful somersaults and cartwheels

day in and out.

She looked in the mirror

Chest wide open now,

held apart by her raw, bloody hands

there was nothing there!

Dark nothingness ,

Hollow empty space

Like a black hole

Attracting the Insignificant,

The Vain, the Purposeless.

It all made sense now……….

A peace descended over her

She collapsed

And  prayed

‘Lord, fill me up

fill me with wisdom’.

woman_praying.jpg (390×264)

Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

25 thoughts on “Her prayer..”

  1. Nishi has a Kali aspect I think, really intense and transformative. Often the instinct towards self-harm is a defensive mechanism to prevent numbness to feeling and life. Have you noticed how self-destructive poets can be? Cast too negative a spell in our writings, and we can easily become depressed 😛

    1. haha..so true Wuji…could be the sesitive soul that retracts into the dark corners only to emerge with imagery of self harm as a means to achieving catharsis? We could discuss this for hours..

      1. If your poetry could wed the devotional and warrior aspects, I would indeed be quite proud of you. The world needs more Durgas. The fun of reading a new poet is to understand them psychologically through their work. I suppose it’s just the beginning of your subconscious mirroring then…

      2. Could be..will definitely keep this point in mind..mingling both aspects..I am a fighter yes and I have my faith..Thank you Wuji!

    2. come to think of it yes..you are right Wuji..I now see where the kali aspect comes in..where she rips the heart off of the asura king..must be somewhere in my subconscious..

      1. Well Durga is part Lakshmi and part Kali, if I’m not hopelessly mistaken.

        So what are you like in real life then?

  2. Very powerful lines Nishi…the beginning was quite dark but then there was a lot of hope in the end…But I guess no true transformation can take place unless there is absolute obliteration at first 🙂

  3. Poetry is a great outlet to let things go that are inside. That’s one reason I enjoy it. It is no that we always act on or even dwell on the thoughts and images we put into words but we put those words out there to help let go of them. There are always people that can relate to the words.

    Thank you for sharing this with those who need it.
    Much Respect

    1. Thank you so much Ron..yes using words to express and vent helps you face certain issues that your mind struggles with sometimes..Thank you once again.

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