Monday Rambles -Fantasy Size Triple Zero and Digital brains

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Friday evening flowed into Sunday and then the start of another week and here we are on the first Monday of August..

Woke up and headed straight to the weighing machine (Its a  Monday morning ritual..wake up- go the bathroom- weigh myself) and I felt sad to see that Sunday brunch with friends at the Indian restaurant downtown had not been very forgiving…that and the carbolicious dinner at home late at night while watching Fargo on Netflix with the husband (such brilliant writing and  wonderful performance by actress Frances McDormand.)

Fargo.jpg (234×350)

Oh well, a brand new week, a brand new struggle…As they say weight loss is a ‘journey’ not an overnight miracle..One of my favorite fantasies is waking up one day in the morning looking like a Victoria’s Secret model..bit much? Fairy Godmothers are only in fairy tales after-all..Zero_Skateboards_Skull_Logo.jpg (413×496)

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to promote the Size zero and whats this I hear? the latest trend-  Triple Zero where women are trying to fit into clothes with 23 inch waists and what 6 or 8 year olds would wear? Hello Ms. Frankel!

I have clothes ranging from a size 10 to size 16 in my closet right now. Over the course of
time, I have accepted myself the way I am, through diet and excercise I am currently at a place where I am happy with myself.

I must say, growing up it was quite a struggle. A poor body image can wreck your self esteem and your sense of self respect and when that happens its the worst feeling in the world. You become your own worst enemy and people pick up on those vibes and you discover nothing seems to work in your favor. You can turn things around ladies and gentlemen.. 🙂

The key lies in self acceptance – before anyone else, You need to accept You..body, mind and soul. As long as YOU are  happy and healthy everything else will be fine..Do whatever it takes to get to that point. And by whatever I mean eating healthy 80 percent of the time and leading as active a lifestyle as your situation permits.. Let your light shine through..

We’ve been talking about the body now moving on..reading is one great way to nourish the mind. This weekend, much to my disappointment I had to return a couple of  books I had borrowed from the library without as much as flipping the pages of some.

I don’t know if this happens to anybody who is reading this, but I’ve noticed sometimes when I read a book my eyes scan the words and my brain is not necessarily taking in the meaning and by the time a paragraph is done I have to go back and read the whole page once more. Well, I googled it (side effects of the times. You’ve got to google everything!).digital-brain.gif (605×375)

Guess what! apparently humans are developing ‘digital brains‘.Yes, you read right. According to cognitive neuro scientists our brain circuits that have developed over millenia which helped us to focus on deep reading is now being replaced with new circuits that don’t focus as much from continuously skimming through torrents of information online..


Well hopefully its not permanent and can be reversed. As wonderful as it is to have information at your fingertips, the beauty and joy of reading can and should never be replaced..On that note wishing you all a great week ahead!




Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

11 thoughts on “Monday Rambles -Fantasy Size Triple Zero and Digital brains”

  1. Weight is definitely a journey. I have a close friend who struggled with weight loss, crash diets and so forth for years. But she used always come up short, but a few years ago she hanged her lifestyle altogether, from eating healthy to exercising and now, from 250lbs she’s dropped to some 170. And she looks fabulous. Of course it’s taken a long period of time, but hang in there. It’s a process and a lifestyle. You’ll get there soon enough, just distract yourself with activities and don’t be anxious about the numbers on the scale. Good luck.

  2. I think all of us and specially girls, do have self image issues. If you’re a fat girl, you want to be skinny. If you’re skinny, you want big boobs. And the list goes on. But the only thing you can do about is be okay with how you are. If you’re comfortable what people say don’t really matter. If you’re confident of yourself, you don’t need the approval of others.
    I agree that “people pick on the vibes..”. If you’re not happy with yourself, that will be expressed through your sentences and your body language. This world is a harsh one. It preys on vulnerable beings. So I guess everyone should learn to accept how and who they are. It’s hard but it’s the only answer.
    P.S Pakistani food is just as heavy as Indian. Where will we be without oil and ghee and spices? 😛

    1. So true Zareen…instead of being kind sometimes people are cruel to the vulnerable. As if to add insult to injury. Oh yea lets not go to where the ghee and spices are at. Thank you dear for the comment.. 🙂

    1. Hey Thank you so much for dropping by and Im glad you liked the post..looking forward to seeing you more..Im on my way to your space right now..Anyways take care..see you.. 🙂 what do you think? :)

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