Monday Rambles – Transition to Fall

Hallo folks..we are bang in the middle of September with the month having thirty days and today being the fifteenth (I’m literally rambling right now am’nt I? Yes, I have’nt decided what to write about today and so its just random freestyle 😀 )

The weekend was quiet nice..Friday evening we celebrated a friend’s birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings. Its  a sports bar with screens of all sizes all around us with the soccer game going on almost giving us the effect of being in the middle of the feild eating while the players played again – all around us- it was fun! I’m in love with their Ultimate Nachos – Cheese – check, hot salsa – check, minced beef – check spicy jalapeno peppers – check (My mouths watering just typing this out). We were there till they closed at one at night and finally I had to keep myself ‘in check’ for fear of further expanding my waistline as there is something as ‘too much of a good thing’ you know.

Saturday we barely made it to the India Fair  we had planned on going to to go at the beginning of the week (thanks to the husbands unexpected work emergency). A friend had put up a stall with her famous Tapioca fritters and we wanted to go there to support her. But it turns out she was sold out a good two hours before we had gotten there so as the Bard would say –  All’s well that ended well! (Sure thats not how he said it but you get the gist.. :D)

kozhikkal.jpg (640×594)

Sunday was spent roaming Park City..Nature is slowly showing signs of the transition patches of reds and oranges are now visible on top of the mountains around the city like tiny burning bushes among the multiple shades of green (I know I’m obsessed with the season and mention it a lot. Kindly bear with me)

starting of autumn
As you can see parts of the mountains are already turning red and orange

And with Halloween and Thanksgiving round the corner its fall decor – cornucopias and witches hats and spider webs on sale at many places specially Michaels where I went to get yarn for my next crochet project ( a chevron patterned cardigan)

c5b11e3429dafefdc3b8dab1006ba0a5.jpg (236×726)
Image courtesy:


By the end of our Sunday weekend the husband and I grabbed two cups of steaming yummylicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks and nicely snuggled into welcoming fall.

caa8957a12a25135_2894847831_1aa08871c7_b.preview_tall.jpg (550×692)

Have a great week folks!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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