Do not sacrifice your dreams

Hi everyone! Yes, I did notice that its been a week since I posted anything on here and I have decided I am not going to make any excuses when life gets in the way.

In my role as mother and wife I sometimes get frustrated thinking how much I have to keep putting off the things I want to do for myself while adjusting to changing schedules of the husband and the little one and in those moments I just retract into myself and choose to not speak as talking or writing here would only entail a lot of negative rants. Yes, yes, I’m sure a lot of my lady friends reading this and (some men) would sympathize with me and some others will think -“Sure, so whats new?” Life is about sacrifices.

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While I was going through this phase I stumbled upon this quote by Menander – a Greek Dramatist who lived in the late 300 B.C who is also considered one of the best writers of Athenian New Comedy..and what he wrote did not amuse me one bit –

“We live not as we wish to but as we can”

I actually saw this on my Uncle J’s Facebook page and when I first read it the state of mind that I was in, I was only able to interpret it negatively. I felt the quote represented complacency, smugness and a defeatist attitude towards life. And then a couple of days later I actually got to speak to Uncle J when he had come online and as we were talking the quote came up and I told him that I felt people should be able to live the way they want and wish, as only then will they be able to feel accomplished and happy. To which my Uncle replied and I quote, “but to think that you can always live as you wish will lead you to feel desolate and despondent for nothing at all” and this is when the true meaning of the quote struck me.

Sometimes feeling regret and sadness for the things that you have not done makes you miss out on the joys that the present has to offer. We have to live as we CAN – giving our 100 per cent to every person, situation present in the NOW. It is like buying clothes smaller than your actual size rather than what fits you now – you will neither be able to enjoy the clothes you’ve bought nor be able to appreciate the body you are in right now or like driving on the streets of New York and day dreaming you were relaxing on the beach in Hawaii – who knows you might miss seeing that ‘special someone’ while waiting at the signal..romantic much? 😉

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So as much as I would love for my dreams to come true ( Yes, I believe they do. Rhonda Byrnes’ ‘The Secret’ is one of my most favorite books of all time) feeling down and frustrated in the now will not help me get there. You don’t have to sacrifice your dreams because some dreams take a more realistic shape  with passing time until then live your life in the present for they are stepping stones to your final destination.

I hope that by next week I will be able to get the blog back on track and have my rambles and poems when they are supposed to be out in the meantime have a great week folks!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

5 thoughts on “Do not sacrifice your dreams”

  1. I would totally agree. I even wrote a post about dreams and how important it is to follow them. It was one of the challengers I was doing. Anyway, I do stand by it for different reason. It’s a pity how many people don’t realise how important it is to do that.

    1. Yes Zareen, pursuing your dreams irrespective of your circumstance is important. Sometimes we tend to get myopic and fail to see situations are merely stop overs and not insurmountable road blocks..I should head over and read your post..Thank you so much Zareen! what do you think? :)

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