Numbers in our lives.

When life became a game of numbers,

I wanted no part of it.

I chose to sit by the sidelines,

And threw a hissy fit.

I sat on the benches,

with my unlimited supply of Hersheys,

As the Iron men, the triathletes

and the marathoners

passed me by.

After the sugar rush,

came the subsequent crash

and I woke up from my stupor.

I scanned my sanctuary,

And all around me was  trash.

And then it hit me

One autumn morning to be exact

Life was indeed about numbers

There was no escaping the fact.

Of all the numbers leading to infinity

The most important are,

The number of people you inspired

And the number of hands you held.

Dedicated to Hugh of Hugh’s News and Views whose article Living by Numbers inspired this poem though he talks about how numbers today have become an obsession and the futility of a life measured solely by numbers I just thought I’d extend this thought and give it a slight twist…Thank you Hugh!



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

10 thoughts on “Numbers in our lives.”

  1. Wonderful poem, Nishi. I’m so glad that it was an inspiration from my post that made you put this wonderful poem together. Hearing the song “Living By Numbers” on the radio, inspired me to write the post and now, in turn, my post has inspired you. What a wonderful way inspiration affect us so much, making us produce new works. It’s pure magic to me.

    1. So true inspiration sometimes works in a ripple was just a thought that came out of our conversation that day on your post…Thank you for being an inspiration Hugh! Looking forward to seeing more wonderful posts from your end! what do you think? :)

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