The Ring and the Test

“The clarity of this stone is brilliant..Cleopatra worthy..” the words from the mouth of the salesman at the jewelry store just seemed to flow as smooth as honey, though you couldn’t miss the monotone in his voice from years of describing the cut and the carat of exotic gems and precious metals to women who ‘oo‘ and ‘ahh’ at the enticing display.

She admired the diamonds and sapphires so intricately crafted onto the platinum band she was now wearing, The way the light reflected off the ring was breath taking and she stared transfixed at her hand – she almost couldn’t believe was her own. She admired her long slender fingers in different angles and every time she did, the stones presented a brand new scintillating sparkle more spectacular than the one before…Voices in the background were now mute mumbling.

As she contemplated buying the ring she knew there was one final test that the ring had to pass before she made her decision…Slowly but surely she reached out to the counter where she had placed her phone – it was the latest i Phone 6 she’d gotten just last week. She wasn’t sure if it was against the rules to take pictures inside the store but it’s not like she cared – she made her own rules. 

With one swift swipe she unlocked the phone screen and clicked on Instagram and in a matter of seconds before anyone could notice clicked a picture of the ring on her hand…But it was too late – she had already invited the disapproving glare of the elderly woman sitting right beside her, who gave her a sideways glare.

She held the phone close to her and examined the picture. Her fingers long and slender with perfectly manicured nails, every ridge and line in perfect alignment, the skin in the back of her palm the perfect shade of tan looked as smooth as silk..a couple of unsightly blue veins and bones but nothing that a little editing couldn’t fix. She could imagine all her ‘friends’ going green with envy.No longer had she posted the picture, in a matter of seconds there were a hundred likes.

“I’ll take it” she told the salesman and picking up her brand new Birkin bag made her way to the counter.

amber-rose-engagement-ring.jpg (500×500)



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

19 thoughts on “The Ring and the Test”

  1. wow – I am feeling I am watching a movie of Romeo and Juliet – The end of your story is touching and where every journey will start like a diamond shining the future!

  2. What a great way to go shopping for something. Take a picture and post it on social media and, if the ‘likes’ start coming in, then buy it 🙂 I think you are on to something here, Nishi.
    A great short story made even better by the person who wrote it.

    1. Thank you Hugh…haha I’m sure someone in Gen Z would’ve tried the ring test what with all the social media frenzy that’s going on…you are very kind!

    1. Hello dear! Sukhamayirikunnu..I get the updates of your lovely cakes vannu comment cheyan pattiyilla..will be visiting soon..avide enthundu? where in the US are you?

  3. Could almost see this take place in front of me! Real, very real Nish! The world has become so ‘Social’ now, that the rule states – ‘it has not happened, if its not on facebook yet’ 🙂 what do you think? :)

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