Happy Halloween folks!


Happy Halloween folks! And no, that’s not my costume for the Halloween party tonight..After hours of costume foraging/hunting at three Halloween stores and crossing off options (Giant Pumpkin, Gothic Princess, Butterfly, Vampire..) finally found something “nice” at Zurchers and zeroed in on ‘Il diavolo’s wife’ or ‘She devil'(now you know why the nice was in quotes)

red cape – check! horns- check!

Halloween is a Western Christian tradition with its origins in Celtic Christianity and is a day when you honor the memory of the dead. It was wonderful to learn that it is also a tradition that takes a tongue in cheek humorous approach to man’s sentiments toward death with all the funny costumes and dressing up on Halloween.

Ems has been down with the cold for the past few days – must be the changing weather and she’s a ‘pixie fairy’ this year and her costume and accessories are all set. The plan is to take her trick or treating basis how cold or warm it is here in the evening..what is everyone dressing up as tonight? Have a great day every one!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween folks!”

      1. Oh! No, i love her! I told my cousin i like Katy and he was like all this illuminati shit. So that article was inspired by that.

        I’m glad you still remembered! ❀ roar!!

    1. Quivering? Noo…I’m shaking so violently with this burst of happiness my daughters wondering if I’ve gone bonkers jumping up and down the apt..okay on a more serious note..I’m honored to have been honored by one of my fav bloggers..thank you so much Amanda!Popping by for the bubbly..it’s unlimited you said? Good! Thank you once again..I accept the award..lots of love to you!

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