On Guerilla Antibiotics and Silver linings

Oh how I hate the winter! The cold and eerie evenings that steal the bright sunlight from my day.

Its not fair its only 5:30 in the evening ” I sulk and almost cry like a child at the unfairness of it all. Three weeks of not feeling well has depleted my energy and thank God I finally mustered up the energy and the willingness to go visit a doctor yesterday.” Its a good thing you’ve come in now” he said, “both your ears are badly infected” ..he went on further to describe the unsavory details regarding the condition of the innards of my ear, details of which I guess I most certainly should spare you.

funny-baby-doctor-heart-mp3-.jpg (403×402)

Now I have anti- biotic warriors in full gear within my system waging the war that my poor body was waging on its own and supremely failing at for the past couple of weeks…Sorry dear ‘Temple of God’s spirit’ for the neglect I bestowed on you for assuming you could do it on your own without the help of modern medicine and technology.

Talking about technology, the internet seems to throw up pictures of Kim Kardashian’s well oiled and perfectly shaped derriere in the first edition of the winter edition of the Paper magazine and I shake my head in disbelief “surely this must be Photo shopped” and in the next edition she goes all full frontal…’Kim Kardashian pays tribute to the soldiers the way she knows best’– the article reads.

Chelsea Handler has already posted pictures of her rear to counter Kim’s as though she was just looking for an excuse to do so…”Oh grow up Chelsea!”

MV5BMTc3NDU0NDQyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTk5NjE2MQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg (281×400)
“Thank you Kim for giving me an excuse to selfie my rear”
Kim_Kardashian_2011.jpg (1152×1728)
“Your welcome! Just doing my good deed for the day!”

The pain killers have numbed the pain but the chill of the outdoors cast a dark shadow over my head and all over the room that I sit inside which has the blinds still left undrawn. I’m still not ready to let you in my dear(cold winter air).

Then comes thoughts of the Christmas tree that I will put up in a couple of weeks and there it is I’ve found my silver lining…No wonder we celebrate Christmas in December!

idNjkxZTg5YzhkODA0MQ==-4c9d600d22211ebd2d0ed3fc8f619bc9.jpg (620×412)
” I bring gifts and anti depressants”

Guerilla Antibiotics get me well…

heroesBattle.jpg (324×260)

Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

4 thoughts on “On Guerilla Antibiotics and Silver linings”

      1. By the time we get to 21st Dec, it gets dark here by 3,30pm and does not get light in the mornings till 8am. Just take good care of yourself, Nishi, after all it’s only 6 weeks until Christmas xx

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