Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award

Monday is here, the beginning of a new week. Since Monday is all about Keeping It Short and Simple ( my version of KISS) and since this blog is called ‘The Showcase’ guess its time I revealed an award that has been standing proudly on my imaginary blog mantlepiece for a couple of weeks. Its high time I thanked my fellow bloggers who nominated me for the award and so here I go –

So I was at Amanda’s ‘Big fat award ceremony‘ she said the whole event would be something in the lines of a Big fat Greek wedding and Oh, it was a grand event alright! With a fancy cat on the drums while we waited with bated breath to hear the nominees, the unlimited champagne that flowed the whole night and the dancing that followed – despite the fact that I have two left feet and kept bumping and crashing into people (sorry Zareen, Hugh, Ron) I had a jolly good time..Thank you so much for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’

award-2.jpg (218×218)

I would like to thank-

1. Ronovan of for nominating me for the award. Ronovan or Ron as we call him writes from the heart. The kind of person who can write about just about any topic under the sun and strives to always put out his best. He is an encourager and a teacher and has been one of my biggest motivators and supporters as a newbie in blogging. Despite the demands cast on him because of his health he continues to inspire and has now come out with a new blog which showcases authors and tips and tricks on how to become a published author..please do go check him out.

2. Amanda of needs absolutely no introduction.Her style of writing has been nothing short of inspirational. What I love about Amanda’s writing is that it tugs at your heartstrings and at the same time tickles your funny bone…there have been occasions I have read Amanda’s blog and laughed so hard I’ve been in pain in places I never knew wonder her stellar readership..Thank you Amanda!

3. Zareen of Orange Shoes Talking my go – to  funny lady..this young lady’s sense of humour never ceases to amaze me. She always succeeds at leaving me in splits with her funny take on the goings on in her life..I absolutely love following her and am always happy to see her comments and feedback on my blog..thank you so much darling for the positive strokes!

Now for the rules of the award:

1)You must thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2) You must list the rules and display the award

3) You must add 7 facts about yourself

4) You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts, letting them know they have been nominated

5) You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you

From the looks of it Rules 1,2 and 5 have been covered..moving on to 3 and 4

7 Facts about me:

1. The only pets I’ve ever had were five  budgerigars a.k.a budgies a.k.a love birds owing to the fact that growing up I was allergic to dogs and cats. One afternoon as my mother was cleaning out the cage, just months after I had got them they all flew away.

i_love_budgies_mousepad.jpg (400×400)

2. I know its weird but I love soggy biscuits..I love getting a glass of milk (or water when I get calorie conscious..;D) and fill it up with biscuits (Oreos are the best but you could use any boring cookie) and then scooping up the yummy deliciousness with a spoon…its my comfort food..sorry if I’ve grossed anyone out with this revelation.

the-easiest-recipe-involving-oreos-ever1.jpg (320×211)

3. I used to be deathly scared of slides when I was a child. I always imagined myself as falling off from the highest point at a trajectory and dying..Yes, I had a vivid imagination right from kindergarten..recently though I decided to overcome my fear and got on a slide with my daughter and it was still weird but once I got to the bottom I had to go again..

-playground-kids-stocks-economy-sandbox-dbrn843_low.jpg (400×473)

4. Do- It- Yourself projects help me relax.

5. The first time I got my very own library membership was on my tenth birthday…I still remember it as a very happy day in my life.

338810d52bcb15c0e2d86732a6ae99a4.jpg (236×210)
Thats not me. Thats Mindy Kaling.

6. I believe I bake ‘the- most – excellent Chocolate cake’ though the husband begs to differ.

Quotation-Henny-Youngman-wife-Meetville-Quotes-55447.jpg (403×275)

7. I love to laugh – then again who doesn’t?

My 15 nominees for the award

1. Eloise of Thoughts by Mello Ello : Author, Mother, Wife, Daughter she is such a wonderful human being and so talented not only does she write but she even illustrates some of her work.

2. Mihran of Mihran Kalaydjian : Talented artist and man who is never miserly when it comes to encouraging and complimenting other bloggers and artists..a lovely person.

3. Hugh of Hughsviewsnandnews : His blog posts are entertaining and engaging and his sincerety shines through in all his interactions.Simply love this guy,

4. Cassidy Frazee of  Wide awake but dreaming : She is such a tenacious and disciplined author. Devoted to her craft. I love her style and use of language.

5. Phen Weston : Love his heartfelt poems.

6. Jamila of  Divine Poetic Whispers ; Beautiful Jamila has a lovely blog with lots of beautiful photographs and lovely poems.

7. John of Storytime with John : Great stories and anecdotes shared with a touch of humour.

8. Lulu of Lulus poetry corner: Lovely friend I just love her spirit and the way her poems make me feel.

9. Teny of Movies of the Soul : Teny writes such detailed movie reviews its amazing!

10. Andy of The Wandering Poet : His blog has a lot of offer by way of his photography and his poems and the videos he shares.

11. Permacooking of : Great tips on how to improve your lifestyle.I love visiting her site just because I feel enriched every time I do.

12. Jamal of  My success is your success : His passion shines through in his writing a lovely blog.

13. Serene of Ms. Tranquility  Beautiful lady with a unique point of view all expressed so beautifully through her poems.

14. Anu of Violets and Vanilla : Talented baker and such a lovely person.

15. Wendall A Brown of Where Words Come alive : He is an inspiration and his poems are truly heartfelt.

Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

35 thoughts on “Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Aww! You are too lovely. I LOVE your facts! Everyone loves a budgerigar, I’m not so sure about the soggy biscuits. I once dropped a rich tea into my tea and it didn’t go down very well. It made me gag! Oh, and my husband doesn’t like my baking skills either… but I guess that is because I always burn mine 😦

    A big CONGRATS on all your awards. So well deserved!

    Now where’s the champagne?! 😉

    1. haha.How rude of me not to offer champagne (throwing arms up in exasperation)..ahh ice bucket finally……yes, I know you hate soggy biscuits..hehe..Thank you once again… 😀

    1. Oh yes, which is why I was keeping this a secret for so’s out of the bag now… 🙂 thank you are quite an inspiration…thank you!

  2. To the Oreo Queen from the Oreo King (or is it one Queen to another?)…anyway, thank you so much for nominating me. I promise to have an Oreo…oops! I mean an award party in December, when we can all put on our black ties and ballgowns (after all, it will be party season).

    Many congratulations on your award, it is very well deserved. I’m off to dunk some Oreos and Jammy Dodgers in tea now (if I can get the Jammy Dodgers off Amanda!)

    Sending you virtual hugs

  3. Nishi Please allow me to share my sincerest appreciation and gratitude. Thank you for being part of this wonderful blogging universe, and I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

    Nishi – I have no words, speechles – May God Bless you

  4. I’ve always enjoyed dipping an Oreo in milk, but not letting it get so soggy that it starts to fall apart. We all have our own sogginess preferences, I suppose. Mine would be more on the crunchy side. Freshly baked cookies, though, must be eaten fresh out of the oven while still soft and gooey.

    1. Haha…so true Kitt when it comes to crunchiness (and sogginess) everyone has their unique preference..soft and gooey cookies are my favorite too! Thank you so much for dropping by looking forward to following you too..

      1. I found you through Mihran who you had nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award. Mihran is a huge supporter of the blogging community. He must read at light speed.

  5. Oh Nishi, I’m sorry to have been absent. It’s so thoughtful and kind of you to mention me. I’ll e*mail you and we’ll catch up 🙂 what do you think? :)

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