Murder she wrought – Fleeting Flitting

Hi everyone, its a cold Thursday morning and I’m sitting inside in the warmth of my home and finally decided to finish a story that I had started and left halfway in the summer. I’m not sure how many of you actually remember the first instalment of the Mrs. Farmer story ‘Murder she wrought’ case you’ve missed it you can just click the link . Hope you enjoy…do let me know what you think..would love to see your feedback.


So Mrs. Farmer woke up that day got dressed and boarded the bus that went into town. She had decided she had to meet her therapist that day..I mean things were getting out of hand and she felt she had to talk. On the bus she sat thinking of her life before she and Mr. Farmer had started the farm.How they had met in college, graduated with Honors in Economics, joined companies and after a couple of years of city life had decided that they would go back to their roots and work on the farm they had bought with their savings..

The bus screeched to a halt at the final stop which was town and Mrs. Farmer got out. The office of Dr. Shepherd was just a few blocks from the bus stop and she decided to walk there. Once there she was greeted by Kitty, Dr. Shepherds receptionist always cheerful you would wonder what she could have been high on, “Good Morning Mrs. Farmer, Dr. Shepherd will see you right now.”

As Mrs. Shepherd walked into the office of Dr. Shepherd she felt a certain heaviness take over her being and she sat down and sighed as if to relieve the pressure she felt inside..This was exactly why she was here to talk about it

“Hello Mrs. Farmer” How are you today greeted the straight faced octogenarian who always dressed formally.

Sitting on the huge black leather sofa Mrs Farmer ,”Hello Doctor”

“So, are you taking all your medication?

“Yes, Doctor”

“So tell me, did you pick an activity to do apart from your daily chores, a hobby?”

She nodded –  though she hadn’t…

After her hour was up she got up and shook hands with the doctor and left the office for her home. She boarded the bus back and on reaching home she saw little Peggy and Ben were outside catching butterflies…She walked up to her children who had by then run towards her and given her a tight hug around her knees..she set her handbag down removed her kitten heeled shoes and joined them…The warm rays of the sun against her skin and the fresh air gave her renewed energy and she felt like a little girl again.

The sun had set and the kids had all washed up, had their dinner, the family had all retired to bed..All except Mrs. Farmer, as she was about to switch off the lights to the kitchen she noticed the little bug box in which the kids had collected the butterflies..The little insects were flitting inside the box.

She reached inside and picked one up from the box and watched as it struggled in her hands..The wings so beautifully patterned bright blue and violet and white though they were hand painted by an artist..Slowly she placed it down on an open recipe book on the counter. For a brief second the butterfly spread its wings preparing for flight – when with one sudden ‘Thump!’ the sides of the book closed on its fragile middle.

Mrs. Farmer opened the book up once again and stared at the limp butterfly carcass…A smile played on her lips..again.



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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