Monday Rambles – Burning Gold

Monday Rambles time… I’ve been listening to a couple of songs in a loop these days and one of my favorites is Christina Perri’s – Burning Gold..I’m sure you must have all heard this song by now but just in case – here is the video..doesn’t she look magnificent? I love the opening scene where she walks onto the road in her Christian Loubotins looking like a Greek Goddess..the white dress flowing behind her..epitomizing the strong and empowered woman.Take a look.

The song is all about dreams, believing in them and standing up to your beliefs and owning your life – making an impact every step of the way…The lyrics are so powerful.

You know, you have a choice – to live life in silence and live in the shadows OR you could leave your trail and have a life that shines brighter than burning gold…

On that thought I leave you folks…Have a great week ahead…Start a ‘fire’ everywhere that you go!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

2 thoughts on “Monday Rambles – Burning Gold”

  1. I’ve had enough, I’m standing
    I’ve hand enough I need a change
    We’re starting fires to a burning gold….
    I wish the wind would carry a change…
    I’m chasing life….

    Well I’ve not heard it but wow’s awesome and inspirational song… i love this type of songs.
    Thank you for the Monday inspirational… Lets start a fire… lady! 😉 what do you think? :)

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