Three Days to Christmas and a Christmas duet with Serins

Wohoo! Its official just three days to Christmas! The past couple of weeks all I’ve done was make lists, shop, plan make more lists, browse the web for ideas, shop, plan and yet, I feel like I’m totally unprepared for the big day there seems to be something missing – hoping it will come to me before its too late… I will be hosting a small dinner party for friends on Christmas eve and I’ve been fishing for ideas for games and stuff we could do during the party because the nervous wreck that I can be during occassions like these, I kind of get frazzled thinking about the food and totally forget the fact that guests need to be entertained with engaging conversation and sometimes you ought to see the food comes secondary and it is the overall experience -though yes, if you mess up the food you could be the ‘talk’ of many a dinner party for years to come…whew!!.My apologies! I’m out of breath and I’m rambling…

dog-panting.jpg (500×329)
“I can be winded and look cute at the same time…”

I’m so excited to tell you about a Christmas duet I wrote along with fellow blogger and friend Serin of Serins Sphere

I’ve followed  Serin from the beginning and have been fortunate to observe her as she evolved as a fledgling blogger to a passionate writer… Talking about passion – there is absolutely no dearth of it in the posts that she writes which are mostly personal stories, fiction and poems on matters she feels strongly about whether people agree with her or not..She is who she is..Also on her blog are photographs of her beloved Namibia- a country I’ve come to learn a lot about through her.She is also an artist and you can see many of her original works of art in her blog..I particularly loved this one...

Yes, so Serin pinged me one day asking if I would like to write a poem with her and knowing she was no amateur at duets I was only happy to oblige…Thank you so much for this opportunity Serin, it was such a pleasure!

Christmas Time

Children swarm around the Christmas tree,

Their faces hopeful and full of glee,

St. Nicholas how they count on thee!


Jingle bells and silent night,

Restful spirits soar to flight,

Christmas star such a wondrous sight!


Families gather around the table,

To share the feast and Christmas fables,

Was that Rudolph peeking over the gable?!


Tales of the Angels singing,

Good tidings they were bringing,

Precious Present of love to the world declaring!


Carol songsters and Santa’s helpers,

Spread the joy and share the cheer,

Modern day bearers to chase away fear.


A collective chorus full of merriment and fuzzy charity,

The warmth of the living room fire, brings unity and clarity,

A kiss under mistletoes, such affection (these days) a rarity!


The day is almost done,aroma of cinnamon and spice,

Bring to our attention HIS sacrifice,

Perfectly cleansing our every vice!

Merry Christmas from Nish and Serins (1)


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

8 thoughts on “Three Days to Christmas and a Christmas duet with Serins”

  1. Hi Nishi, I love your duet with our blogger friend Serins. I espically love the line “was that Rudolph peeking over the gable?”

    Well done to you two. I am thinking maybe we can have lots more writing duets from you two. :0

      1. Well, not quite. I still got a quiz to write, presents to wrap and a small bit of shopping, but I’ll get there.

        Yes, been to a few dinners and we are having one ourselves on Christmas Eve. I’m not doing the cooking, my partner is, which is just as well for the guests 🙂 what do you think? :)

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