Happy New Year! Guest Post – ‘Almost Christmas Baby’ by Anju of Ramandraisin

Happy New Year! It feels truly wonderful to welcome the New Year. Still coming to terms with the fact that we celebrated Christmas a couple of days ago and will have to wait a whole year before the next, however, I think it will be some time before the lights and the tree come down. Here are two more Christmas articles I would like to share with my readers by two of my blogger friends

First I’d like to introduce Anju from Ramandraisin .I’ve known Anju for a long time. We went to college together and I’m proud to have her as a friend, you know the kind who no matter the time or the distance you know when you meet again it seems as though you were never apart. She is also a successful career woman, wife and proud mother of an adorable five year old..you can read about the funny anecdotes of things that happen in her life written in her unique tongue -in- cheek style at her blog.

She was born a ‘Christmas Eve baby’ or as I call her an ‘Almost Christmas baby’ because she was born on the 24th of December and so it was easy to keep yourself from forgetting her birthday and this year I requested her to write me an article on what it felt like to have the whole world lit up and festive on her birthday. She was kind enough to humour me with her humorous article..I hope you guys enjoy and please don’t forget to check out her blog!


‘Almost Christmas Baby’ by Anju

Let me start by laying my cards on the table.I am not a great blogger.Hell,I am not even a decent blogger!

I do have a blog but I can hardly run it.I love Nishi’s blog though and applaud her dedication towards blogging so regularly. Nishi wanted me to write about being an “Almost Christmas baby” so here goes 😀 Oh,and nice to meet you all!

I thought I would run through a couple of memorable birthdays I have had. Growing up I always felt like the whole world was having a giant birthday party just for me.And I always wondered why it wasn’t only me getting all the gifts at the bottom of the tree.

But I’ve been blessed with parents who  more than made up for that. My birthday since I can remember was a week long celebration.A party at school,a party at home and a party at my tuition class. 

Being their only child and them being bad at surprises, my folks could never keep my gifts a secret from me. So as and when they got me a present impatient little child that I was, I would end up unwrapping it the same day! Yes,it was quite an expensive affair for them trying to make sure there was at least one gift wrapped surprise that lasted till my actual birthday!

You know how some gifts stay in your mind even though they are not the most expensive?Well it was the one birthday I spent with my folks in Thekkady(a small hill station/wildlife reserve in India). It was a change from the parties and somehow that little bit of family time meant more to me than any present.I should mention here that my parents lived/worked in tea plantations in pretty places but they were always in the middle of nowhere and so I lived with my grandparents to complete my schooling in the city.Maybe that’s why quiet time with them was lovely.

No one can accuse my family of not moving with the times though.With the onset of social media my mom makes it a point to put up a sappy but very sweet message celebrating the wonder that is her daughter. Though after having had a baby myself…being laid up in hospital all stitched up on Christmas day isn’t my idea of a good time. But then,that’s a doting mother for you.

I remember my first birthday after marriage.My husband asked me to tell him what I wanted as he was terrible at coming up with surprises.I was still on my best behavior then and so I told him anything was fine.

He got me a blender.Stuff(it’s a family blog!) hit the ceiling and now I spell out exactly what I want.No subtle hints. 😀

He did surprise me my last birthday by doing this

and even though I did not want my age to be displayed like that.It was such an out of character thing for him to do that I had to appreciate it 😀

Now that I have been married for almost 7 years now and have a daughter,I just hope I can make some happy memories for her.

Before some moron decides to buy her a blender.


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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