My Forever Valentine

“Ouch!” Lea had accidentally cut her finger while slicing carrots for her salad on her brand new Mandolin slicer…She was super excited as now she could have the perfect juliennes for her salads – a couple of swift sweeping motions up and down and there they were – perfectly uniform veggies…She had gotten a little too enthusiastic with the slicer that day and the gaping gash on her thumb didn’t look very pretty…She stuck her thumb in between her teeth and with her tongue slowly and gently applied soft pressure on the wound to stop the blood that seemed to flow nonstop like water from a broken faucet.

With her thumb properly tended to and bandaged she moved on to stir the lamb that was stewing on the stove…The rich aroma of the spices wafted through her kitchen – ‘Lamb Tagine’ – Tom’s favorite! Lea and Tom had been married for two years now and Valentine’s Day was an important milestone in their journey of togetherness, as it was on a Valentines day three years ago that Tom had popped that very important question that would change their lives forever.

With her lamb cooking, her bread rolls ready and out of the oven and her salads tossed and dressed to perfection she began laying the table. She took out her vintage lace linens which were a family heirloom – each piece was specially hand made by her great grandmother and it was her gift  to her on their wedding day.

The table looked lovely when she was done – with her candles lit and rose petals delicately and tastefully strewn all around. At the center of the table, she placed a beautiful china bowl with chocolate covered strawberries.

“Hi honey!” She said, turning to Tom who was by now seated and ready at the other end of the table.

“I cooked your favorite lamb” she said and placed a plate of the Michelin star worthy tagine in front of him. She was always one for keeping up appearances both in her private life and among friends and she prided herself on her cooking and presented every dish like it was a work of art.

“Remember the Valentine’s day after we had first met, Tom? You sent me a box of my favorite chocolates and a violinist in the middle of my meeting at work…I still remember the jealous looks all my co workers were giving me…especially Doreen…oh!..You totally took me by surprise.”

“More bread?”  She asked and moved the bread basket closer to Tom’s side of the table…”That was the night of our first kiss…I remember it like it was yesterday, you were so nervous…It was beautiful” she glanced up at Tom and then reached out for the strawberries..”mmm delicious” she loved the combination of the chocolate and the strawberries – the silky smooth taste of the chocolate mingled with the fresh juicy bitter sweet explosion of flavors from the strawberry – like a love story just erupted in her mouth.

She picked up the plates and began clearing the table. As she picked up Tom’s plate she bent down and kissed him on the cheek,

I love you.” she whispered into his ear.

It was a beautiful Saturday night and as she did the dishes, she looked out her kitchen window, she could see a single bright star shining in the night sky. Having cleaned the kitchen she decided to do some reading in the living room.

“Good night Tom…Happy Valentine’s Day…I wish you had never cheated on me.”

Tom sat there at the dining table his face ashen and a shade of bluish grey, one of his eyes was no longer in its socket and the other – on the verge of falling out.His body was putrid and bloated and in the solo beam of moonlight that streamed in through the gap between the curtains on the kitchen window you could see a bullet mark right through his heart.

valentines-day-15.jpg (500×500)


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

24 thoughts on “My Forever Valentine”

  1. Ye gods – serve the sod right! That was a damned good, chilling bit of writing. I wasn’t expecting the ending at all. Nice one!

    1. lol..Im so glad you liked..I know it’s not something you’d expect with every one being ‘in the clouds in love’ on Valentines Day and all and I was a little sceptical if anyone would like it..I’m happy you dropped by and read this one and looking forward to reading and interacting with you more Alienora!

      1. Ah, well I’m not exactly love’s young dream, Nishi; in fact, I suspect I may be heading for Cynical Old Cronehood! I reckon there’s loads of people out there who’ll just love your little twist! xxx

      2. Thank you so much Ali..’Cynical Old Cronehood’ haha love the expression..not very big on Valentine’s Day myself..Im so glad to have found you. I was just reading your Valentines Day post right now..sending you virtual hugs! xo

  2. Wow, what a corker of a story. See, I knew you could do it, Nishi.

    I kind of had a feeling that Tom was not there when there was no dialog from him, but I sure was not expecting that ending. I thought he was either a ghost or that she was talking to herself because his body was either in a grave or in a canister on the table.

    Well done, Nishi, and great to see you have met up with Ali.

    1. Aww..its nothing..(*blush*) Thank you so much Hugh for the inspiration.. :D…You guessed there was something fishy from the start aye..:D My initial thought was to have his dead body stashed in a freezer or something but then I chucked the idea..
      Thank you so much for the encouragement to try my hand at the gory and gruesome..and Yes, thank you for introducing Ali and me ..nice to make new friends here at the whats the next post about at Hugh’s Views? Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Valentines Day to you and John! xoxo

      1. Well, I’m really glad you had a go at writing this story, because I really do know it shows signs of just what you are capable of writing. Most of my stories are far too long but yours was a piece of flash fiction delight to read that had a really good twist to its ending. I hope you will write more stories like this now.

        I have a book review to do for Lit World Interviews which is well overdue for both the author, who asked me to review the book, and Ronovan who runs the Lit World Interviews blog. I’ve also been asked to write a guest post by Elizabeth over at Forest Garden, which was one of the blogs I featured in my blog anniversary post. I’ll be doing some reposting of older posts on my own blog next week as I’m taking John away for his birthday on Thursday until Sunday and we have a long drive down to Devon. As it’s his birthday I thought I better stay away from the blog and give him all my attention 🙂

        Happy Valentine’s Day, Nishi, and you to have a great weekend. xx

      2. That is soo sweet…Thank you so much for the kind words and the encouragement Hugh…Will definitely miss you here…However it’s wonderful you’ve decided to spend that quality time with your special man…I’m sure John will appreciate it too..Lots of love..xo

      1. Thank you Nishi for asking – I had a busy concert schedule – It was a wonderful journey. I am working on a new composition and short movie!

      2. Wow..that must take a lot of your time! and yet you find the time to drop by..truly honored Mihran..all the best! will we get to hear the latest piece soon? what do you think? :)

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