Monday Rambles – A very short one, Oscars and an announcement

Hi everyone! After the Mildreds you can read all about it here, (Thank you Hugh for the award!) and the excitement, I was just recovering from the jetlag  I must say the Oscars to me felt like a bit of a balancing act with most of Neil Patricks jokes falling flat and his ‘presenting’ in his underpants even if it was just for a ‘brief’ moment (puns intended)…

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)
Oh well..


It was hillarious to hear Lady Gaga sing and then talk in a British Accent and John Travolta face tapping Idena Menzel to make up for mispronouncing her name last year. Jennifer Hudson’s performance was breathtaking and the standing ovation followed by the Oscar for the song Glory from the film Selma by John Legend and Common was such a wonderful tribute to the great Martin Luther King Jr.

I was disappointed to see that Joan Rivers was missed out in the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars. I don’t understand how The Academy could write off such a great lady considering she was an actress in the beginning of her career too before she became a comedienne.

I haven’t seen the Birdman which I’m sure must be a great movie and I was rooting for The Grand Budapest Hotel having watched the movie twice already.

brilliant-new-poster-arrives-for-the-grand-budapest-hotel-151538-a-1387438468-470-75.jpg (470×265)
The Awesome cast of the Grand Budapest Hotel


As for the announcement – I  wanted to let you all know I’ve started a blog showcasing another favorite hobby of mine – Crochet. It’s

Keeping todays rambles short …I hope all my friends are doing well…I have a lot of catching up and reading to do…

Take care everyone! Have  a great week folks!



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

6 thoughts on “Monday Rambles – A very short one, Oscars and an announcement”

    1. The opening act was fun but the rest of it was just okay you didnt miss anything…Oh and Eddie Redmayne – mustve been so tough to play that role! did you see the movie?

      1. No, I’m not very good at getting myself to the cinema, Nishi. It’s the popcorn that does it!

        I’m one of these people that wait for movies to become available in the iTunes store, and then I either rent it or download it from there. I’ll certainly watch for it when it becomes available along with two other movies I am waiting to see, “Pride” and “The Imitation Game”. what do you think? :)

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