Monday Rambles – On Anger

I don’t curse in real life and people who know me in person know that I am pretty mellow and go to large extends to always be polite and well mannered often at the risk of sounding or seeming fake and being misunderstood….It’s a cross that I bear – I for one find it difficult to be any other way.

With friends I try to be honest and when I do let my guard down say the darnedest things which have people in splits of laughter, often because it’s like those funny situations when something you least expect to hear comes from the mouth of someone you least expected it to come from…So, yes I have been that someone and said those somethings but once in a while you just need to let go.

So why did I sound the way I did in my Saturday poem? I was angry. Anger is an emotion that I have yet to come to terms with. Sure, we all feel angry and its just a natural emotion like any other, but expressing ones anger was to me  a sign of weakness. As I was discussing with a dear friend Hugh here at WordPress in the comments following my post On Sadness I too like him used to bottle up my feelings especially my anger and then one fine day, I would just explode leaving the person at the receiving end with nothing less than third degree burns and once the catastrophe is over, I’m overwhelmed by this feeling of  guilt and remorse and my apologies would follow them for a week.

01_angry_little_girls.jpg (597×597)

So bottle -explode -apologise- implode… The focus would shift from the person or thing that I was angry with and move back to me and the fact that I got angry and that I expressed myself in the ugly way that I did.

Did I really need to feel apologetic for my anger? Did I always need to poo poo this feeling and sweep it under my pillow every night I went to bed?

I don’t think so. Anger is a natural emotion like any other emotion you may feel. It creeps up when you sense injustice – when you know something unfair is happening to you or to the people around you. Why shouldn’t you want to express yourself when it happens? Why wouldn’t you want to talk to someone who you feel can make the situation better for you?

I’ve decided to come to terms with my anger by – Accepting – My anger is legit and if someone is making me angry then surely something about the situation has to change. Even if the person you are angry with doesn’t agree with you or your reasons for getting angry it doesn’t matter because, once you’ve accepted the anger you can go about your life and use the feeling to take up those actions that could possibly change your situation.

I think this is what all great men and women of the world have done to make a change in the world – Used their anger as fuel to make a difference.

Have a great week folks!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

4 thoughts on “Monday Rambles – On Anger”

  1. I am the same! Anger and confrontation scare me, but when I explode, I really explode! I tend to retreat when really angry, finding it necessary to process how overwhelmed I am. Big hugs sweet. xxx

  2. First of all, thanks for the mention, Nishi.

    I try not to get angry but, when I do, then all hell can be let loose. I then end up regretting what I have said and, when I am angry, I often say things to hurt the person on the receiving end. Rather than get angry I’ll tackle the situation first and, sometimes, I may even walk away from it (especially when I know I am never again going to bump into the person who has made me angry). Before I let it build up, I now try and talk about it first, otherwise it just all builds and explodes just like you have described in your post.

    Yes, anger is a part of life, but it is when it comes with any kind of physical force that it really scares me.

    1. Oh yes, the way you express your anger is important…when taken out on someone in a violent manner it leads to abuse and crime..Thank you Hugh..Lots of love ❤ what do you think? :)

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