More Coffee?

As they sat there in the coffee shop sipping their coffee through the tiny apertures on the caps of their plastic coffee cups Herman stared out through the glass window and watched the automobiles passing by. Sherry was busy reading her book…She had just picked it up from the library that afternoon and hadn’t decided whether she liked it or not, but until then she decided she would continue to read.

Herman enjoyed these moments where they wouldn’t talk. He was the type of guy who enjoyed a woman’s company but didn’t care much for conversation. Sherry on the other hand loved to engage in small talk but found it futile to converse with Herman – their wavelengths just didn’t match..Any efforts at having a meaningful conversation would end with one of them exiting the scene in exasperation.

But she liked having him around. She liked how his brain worked – his logic, his reasoning… She felt he was a calming influence to her normally impetuous temperament. He kept her from running and crashing into stone walls and hurting herself.She loved his strong hands…

“I need more coffee” she said,” I’m going to get another cup; do you need me to get you something?”

Herman looked up and simply moved his head a whole one eighty degrees once and then back again to answer her question.

Sherry walked up to the barista and ordered a hot cup of vanilla latte in the smallest size. She noticed the barista was cute in the most obvious way and had the most gorgeous dimples as he smiled and took her order….’Too young’ she thought to herself. As she waited for her coffee she looked across the coffee shop to Herman as he sat there looking out the window just as she left him…

960b83c436e34f5ea4a1e5c7e6d5191e.jpg (575×387)

Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

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