Wordless Wednesday – California

Hello everyone, though the title says ‘wordless’ throwing in a couple of words for effect to share with you guys a couple of pictures taken on our family vacation to California during the Memorial Day weekend. It was a twelve hour drive from Salt Lake and though the husband did at one point sound very ambitious and say that maybe we should drive the whole way just stopping for rest room breaks; however, our better judgement took over and we stopped over at Vegas both on the onward journey and back and got our ‘beauty sleep’.

Selfies are the best way to warm up for a trip don’t you think? (Ignore sleeping baby at the back)

Our first stop was the famous San Diego Sea World, where we got to see the magnificent killer whale ‘Shamu’ in all its glory. Its amazing to see the love and the dedication the trainers at Sea World have towards these beautiful animals of the sea. The Shamu show opened with a very touching tribute to all U.S army veterans and soldiers currently serving in the U.S army and it was truly wonderful to feel the patriotism that extended to loving and caring for nature and mother earth all captured in this breath takingly wonderful show.

See Shamu dance!
The grand finale

A couple of hours, a dolphin show and hair that was beginning to get frizzier by the minute we moved to the very beautiful San Diego downtown where we soaked in the heritage and culture of the city. We attended a Graduation ceremony and an Art exhibition and almost went to see a play at the ‘Globe Theatre’ in the one hour we were there.

The beautiful San diego downtown at sun down
No dearth for expressions here.

Day two we drove to Placentia in California and from there we went to see the Universal Studios. The rides and the shows here were totally awesome and though the queue at the Tour of the Universal Studios was so long we had to wait for over an hour to finally get on the ‘bus’, it was worth every minute of the wait.

The Universal Studios Studio Tour…Don’t miss this one.
There’s Jaws creeping out of the water

Day Three was spent at ‘Disneyland’…Disney was celebrating its 60th year anniversary the day we went there and was open till twelve midnight. Let’s just say we were there were no adults in our company from the moment we stepped into the magical land of Disney. The husband and I were in a way worse than kids in there and it was lil Ems who had to literally drag us out of there in the end.

The Princess Castle all decked up for the 60th
She’s got a quirky sense of humor.
Mickey got the best hug!

Tan-‘ner’ or even perhaps a little burnt we travelled back home half heartedly and was welcomed by the rains the moment we hit Utah. Symbolic of the renewed energy we felt was a beautiful rainbow on the horizon. A perfect ending to a perfect holiday.

To new beginnings…

Have a great rest of the week folks!


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – California”

  1. What a wonderful post, Nishi. Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous and so happy with that trip ahead. Tell your husband he’s a very lucky man.

    I’ve been to California three times and did San Diego twice. Love Disney as well where we did an adults only evening so nobody under the age of 16 was allowed in. I tell you now that it just might as well have been children only the way all the adults were acting.

    1. haha..you are too kind Hugh! Thank you for the compliments…totally made my day..:D Well I guess it happens to everyone then that place just brings out the child in us and I just loved the fact that every ride succeeded to surpass my expectations. It was a lovely break. Thank you Hugh! ❤

    1. lol..yes it was quite a memorable trip with loads of pics taken..just thought I’d share a couple with my friends here…Thank you Les…I hope alls well with you! ❤

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