Time for love

They sat gazing at each other. The light of their computer screens illuminated their faces in the dark.He was seated in his home office she could see sports memorabilia and a huge foam finger hanging on his wall.Her room seemed neat and had a huge glitter LOVE & PEACE on the background…The specks of glitter glinted off the reflected light from the only light source.

They sighed together and couldn’t contain their desire for each other…If this was the real world they would just devour each other with their passion.

” IΒ Β love you” he said,

“I love you too….you need to sleep, it’s getting late” she said

” I don’t think I can sleep tonight…Kiss me” he said

She blushed and in the light of the screen her face turned a deep mauve.

” Good night ” she said ” I’ve got school tomorrow”

“Good night then,” he said trying to hide his disappointment, ” …see you in class.”

She shut down her computer removed her glasses and dropped her dentures into a glass of water, ate her nightly medicines and went to sleep.


Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

18 thoughts on “Time for love”

    1. Loved your questions Serins! But sorry if I confused you a lot…Actually this story was inspired by an article I read of a woman in her 60s who decided to pursue her higher education and actually found love on campus :D…to answer your questions..No, she is not a teacher, she is a student and the guy attends the same class as her… πŸ˜€

      1. Actually the guy in my mind was much younger but you are right it would be such a sweet story if they were both round the same age…Thank you so much Daniella!

    1. Heyy Eloise…Thank you so much! I actually missed seeing you here and our conversations.Must say your words of encouragement have had an effect.Thank you once again and do keep visiting! ❀

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