Wordless Wednesday – Serenity



Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Serenity”

    1. Thank you so much Hugh! so happy to see your message…Oh well, lot of things happening at the home front keeping me super busy mentally and physically Hugh.These updates once in a while is my shout out to my dear blogger friends like you my dear Hugh that I am alive and well! I have a lot of catching up to do even at your space..so sorry dear I’ve not dropped by often. How are you?

      1. Oh no problem, Nishi. Life takes over sometimes and there is, after all, a lot more to life than blogging. I know many of us spend most of our time with blogging but there always has to be a break away from it as well. It’s good for health and good for keeping in touch with friends, family and getting outdoors and seeing what is going on out there.

        I am doing great thanks. Already looking forward to Christmas 🎅

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