5 Tips to Blogging

In 5 months it will be 4 years since I started this blog – The Showcase. All I wanted when I started blogging was to dust the cobwebs off my mind at a time when I was sure I actually had crickets residing in my brain 😀 and to write about random things when I felt like it. The truth however, is I’ve gotten so much more. Okay, I think I just sounded like an infomercial right there, but let me explain…

I’ve met some very cool people, learned a lot about them and about myself; I think more clearly, and I’m  more mindful about my place and purpose in this world…Sound too fanciful? but it’s true! If any of you, my dear blogger friends  have felt the same way, please drop me a few lines in the comments…

Today with blogging being free/affordable there are millions of blogs and bloggers out there – On every subject under the sun. And then there are many bloggers who have, if you go through their blogs, written their heart out but have very scanty readership. As time goes by and their following does not go up proportionally they just decide to quit and shut down their blogs. If you are just starting off in the blogging game I’m sure you would’ve read umpteen articles on how to set up your blog and on SEO and how to tag your blog posts so that your posts show up on searches and you can draw more traffic into your blog.

Here are my 5 tips on how you can survive and succeed in the world of blogging without the dreaded burn out and to be the person of influence you were born to be.

  1. Write what you love  – A blog can be a great place to showcase your talents or to show the world what it is you are passionate about. Even if you are not an expert at what it is you love, the blog becomes an excellent platform where you learn more about the things  or areas that interest you. I for one find it difficult to zero in on one particular topic to write about, but its always nice to have a theme associated with your blog. Be it Fashion, Technology, Prose or Poetry because that way you attract like minded readers and persons who are interested in what you put forward and may even help you progress to the next level.socnet-07.gif (576×469)
  2. Network – No matter what you write about and how passionate and wonderful you feel about your writing if you have no one reading your blog even after you’ve chosen the right host and platform to present your work, it could feel like landing a gig at the Carnegie hall and playing to an empty audience. So in the infancy of your blog put the word out there about your blog and reach out to fellow bloggers. Collaborations are a great way to make your presence felt in the blogosphere.6a00e5521e0b2e883301538f8882da970b-800wi (800×239)
  3. Use proper tags– Tags are key words that will give readers an idea as to what your blog post is about. Tags are like labelling the jars in your pantry or for all you guys – your CD collection… Just makes those things more easier to locate. So for a blogger that means people who are looking for information on related content drop by and read your blog and therefore more traffic.such-a-pretty-label-cartoon-cjmadden.gif (467×547)
  4. Put out quality content – Check your facts and be authentic. Don’t approximate too often and never assume; as the saying goes – Assuming something is making an Ass of U and Me. Use original photographs or if you choose to borrow give proper credit and make your posts pop! Research shows, colored visuals increased people’s willingness to read a post by 80% (Source: blog.hubspot.com).cartoon6666.png (480×360)
  5. Show up and be accountable – I know I’m guilty of taking long breaks in between posts, but its always nice to set a schedule. Plan your posts ahead, draft them and set them for auto publish on days you can’t be in front of the computer.

Stay happy and keep blogging!!

Author: Nishi

Lifes imperfections give you those wonderful brainwaves which translate to stories and poems that enlighten and entertain.

25 thoughts on “5 Tips to Blogging”

  1. Well put Nishi. Personally I think the most valuable thing about blogging is what it helps you learn about the world and yourself. Your tips are all great and spot on.

  2. Good points, my Dear Nishi! I must say that I am Deeply, Deeply Grateful for my Friends of the Blogging world. Today, if I am going on after some 800+ posts in about two years, and blogging for about 5 years, it is because of my Friends!

    So Thank You, One and All! Much Love, Regards and Best Wishes! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by. You struck me as a very warm and kind-hearted blogger. Pleased to have met you here. Please come by often. Thank you! Best wishes to you too!

  3. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Good points, my Dear Nishi! I must say that I am Deeply, Deeply Grateful for my Friends of the Blogging world. Today, if I am going on after some 800+ posts in about two years, and blogging for about 5 years, it is because of my Friends!

    So Thank You, One and All! Much Love, Regards and Best Wishes! 🙂

  4. Great tips, Nishi, although I don’t schedule posts as I like to be able to get to the computer to respond to comments and questions after a post goes out. I’ve written recently about bloggers who don’t respond to comments or questions and the majority of people agreed that they’ll stop leaving comments and even unfollow blogs where the author does not respond to comments or questions.
    Building your own blogging community is hard work, but it pays off and it’s less likely that a blogger will quit blogging if they have their own blogging community and are members of other blogging communities.
    Hope the new life in India is all going well and you’ve all settled in.
    My best wishes and I wish you lots of happiness in your new home.

    1. I totally agree Hugh! Being successful in blogging has a lot to do with building that great community who support you and bring out the best in you…Blogging is definitely not just typing and pressing publish, and I’m sure our friends with thousands of followers and loyal readers will vouch for that.
      Still in the process of settling in Hugh…Its still a work in progress as we’ve not moved into our own house yet…Thank you so much Hugh! Lots of love!x0

      1. I haven’t forgotten the pics :)…Some pics of Bangalore city coming soon and the new home when we move in! xo

    1. Thank you Cezane& Michelle for dropping by! Look forward to seeing you more around here. Heading over to your site now. Thank you for the follow!

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