My dear

My dear,

I’ve always wanted to tell you this, but for want of words – you know I have never been good with them- I have chosen to just be quiet and ignore the white elephant in the room. The problems we faced, I hoped it would go away…if you never spoke about it, it would just disappear. Well, it never did and it grew like a tiny ball of snow rolling downhill into a giant snowball – making the rift between us that much more wider.

My dear, I love you and I always will. I know you know this but I guess you deserve better. I just read somewhere that sometimes love is not in possession but in letting go…like a rose bud once plucked ceases to bloom so will you be – the beautiful rose that you were meant to be…your fragrance and beauty to be admired and enjoyed by those more deserving.

My dear, do not hate me for not knowing how to express myself. It is like a handicap -an emotional one I’ve lived with from years of abuse and a debilitating shyness. I hope to overcome this someday so that I do not lose someone so beautiful and vivacious as you from my life again. You brought music to my dreary world…and even though it seemed like I didn’t enjoy it, even as I sat at my desk ‘working’ my soul danced and celebrated –  enthralled by the beats and the fervor of the jazz you loved so much.

My dear, I hope you find happiness and love and peace forever.




Boy Colours!

“I hate boy colours!” the little girl said.

I held up a pair of women’s underwear that had just arrived from the warehouse. The winter sale was on at the store and stock needed updating –

“What colour is this?” I asked

“That’s red”

“Is red a boy colour?”

“I hate red!” said the little girl.

“A girl after my own heart!”

Winter madness

The snow on the tree seemed so thick and heavy to the point the branches looked like it would break under the crippling weight of it all.

Sera was taking a walk that chilly Tuesday morning and looked forward to getting herself a cup of joe. She passed the tree and at that precise moment a gentle breeze blew and all the snow slipped off the branch and in one swift downward motion, an avalanche of icy cold fluff plopped right on top of her puny little head and over her shoulder.

You could imagine how flabbergasted Sera was, standing under the tree, covered in an icy heap. But, silly as this story is, few minutes after recovering from the blow, she let out a sharp shrieking sound like a crane or some wild bird you would normally see by the sea…

She laughed all that morning and on her way to the Starbucks and even afterwards when she got back home, cleaning the house, while doing the laundry and even as she cooked her dinner…Towards night time she seemed quiet but her husband saw her shoulders snickering from the laughter she was trying so hard to smother while she prepared her nightly cup of tea.

She chuckled in her sleep and the whole of next day. ‘Tis a funny hand the heavens dealt Ms. Sera for sure – as she laughed all through the winter without a cure.


Expectation Management

When his manager called him up he said he was at lunch when he was infact, meeting with a client for business. He was unsure about the outcome of his meeting and didnt want to be badgered by the ‘big man’ at office. ” So where do I sign” asked the client and the imaginary dark cloud lurking behind his virtual rainbows and sunshine demeanor (the one he puts on for client meetings) vanished!

He dialed his boss – “I’ve closed a deal”…

“What! I thought you were at lunch!…Amazing!”

Happy to have been able to impress his boss using a white lie he had said earlier, he drove back to office. Expectation managements an art.

Time for love

They sat gazing at each other. The light of their computer screens illuminated their faces in the dark.He was seated in his home office she could see sports memorabilia and a huge foam finger hanging on his wall.Her room seemed neat and had a huge glitter LOVE & PEACE on the background…The specks of glitter glinted off the reflected light from the only light source.

They sighed together and couldn’t contain their desire for each other…If this was the real world they would just devour each other with their passion.

” I  love you” he said,

“I love you too….you need to sleep, it’s getting late” she said

” I don’t think I can sleep tonight…Kiss me” he said

She blushed and in the light of the screen her face turned a deep mauve.

” Good night ” she said ” I’ve got school tomorrow”

“Good night then,” he said trying to hide his disappointment, ” …see you in class.”

She shut down her computer removed her glasses and dropped her dentures into a glass of water, ate her nightly medicines and went to sleep.

Loony Lines

The author looked at herself in the mirror and noticed the fine lines on her forehead and wished she had moisturized more often. Wisdom lines, laugh lines… all happy names for Senility’s unwelcome arrival leaving his unseemly mark with his fine tipped feather pen. She pictured him in her mind wearing a crazy looking hat getting his jollies off shouting ‘I’m here, I’m here!’…

Her thoughts were interrupted by her teenage daughter who had now joined her at the bathroom mirror to refresh her makeup. The author noticed how fresh and smooth her daughter’s skin looked until all of a sudden her face was upturned, her features were now stretched and the skin on her daughter’s forehead creased and folded into more than twenty lines. The young lady was trying to get a proper look at a tiny pimple on her chin.

‘Stop that right this minute’, the author shouted, startling her daughter…

“What?!!” the daughter snapped back.

“That – whatever you are doing with your forehead”, she said her long finger drawing imaginary circles on her daughter’s face.

“Mom, you are crazy” the daughter said and stormed out of the bathroom.

She was left alone once again with the lines on her face.

“Wisdom lines! bah! Loony lines that’s what you are”

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My Forever Valentine

“Ouch!” Lea had accidentally cut her finger while slicing carrots for her salad on her brand new Mandolin slicer…She was super excited as now she could have the perfect juliennes for her salads – a couple of swift sweeping motions up and down and there they were – perfectly uniform veggies…She had gotten a little too enthusiastic with the slicer that day and the gaping gash on her thumb didn’t look very pretty…She stuck her thumb in between her teeth and with her tongue slowly and gently applied soft pressure on the wound to stop the blood that seemed to flow nonstop like water from a broken faucet.

With her thumb properly tended to and bandaged she moved on to stir the lamb that was stewing on the stove…The rich aroma of the spices wafted through her kitchen – ‘Lamb Tagine’ – Tom’s favorite! Lea and Tom had been married for two years now and Valentine’s Day was an important milestone in their journey of togetherness, as it was on a Valentines day three years ago that Tom had popped that very important question that would change their lives forever.

With her lamb cooking, her bread rolls ready and out of the oven and her salads tossed and dressed to perfection she began laying the table. She took out her vintage lace linens which were a family heirloom – each piece was specially hand made by her great grandmother and it was her gift  to her on their wedding day.

The table looked lovely when she was done – with her candles lit and rose petals delicately and tastefully strewn all around. At the center of the table, she placed a beautiful china bowl with chocolate covered strawberries.

“Hi honey!” She said, turning to Tom who was by now seated and ready at the other end of the table.

“I cooked your favorite lamb” she said and placed a plate of the Michelin star worthy tagine in front of him. She was always one for keeping up appearances both in her private life and among friends and she prided herself on her cooking and presented every dish like it was a work of art.

“Remember the Valentine’s day after we had first met, Tom? You sent me a box of my favorite chocolates and a violinist in the middle of my meeting at work…I still remember the jealous looks all my co workers were giving me…especially Doreen…oh!..You totally took me by surprise.”

“More bread?”  She asked and moved the bread basket closer to Tom’s side of the table…”That was the night of our first kiss…I remember it like it was yesterday, you were so nervous…It was beautiful” she glanced up at Tom and then reached out for the strawberries..”mmm delicious” she loved the combination of the chocolate and the strawberries – the silky smooth taste of the chocolate mingled with the fresh juicy bitter sweet explosion of flavors from the strawberry – like a love story just erupted in her mouth.

She picked up the plates and began clearing the table. As she picked up Tom’s plate she bent down and kissed him on the cheek,

I love you.” she whispered into his ear.

It was a beautiful Saturday night and as she did the dishes, she looked out her kitchen window, she could see a single bright star shining in the night sky. Having cleaned the kitchen she decided to do some reading in the living room.

“Good night Tom…Happy Valentine’s Day…I wish you had never cheated on me.”

Tom sat there at the dining table his face ashen and a shade of bluish grey, one of his eyes was no longer in its socket and the other – on the verge of falling out.His body was putrid and bloated and in the solo beam of moonlight that streamed in through the gap between the curtains on the kitchen window you could see a bullet mark right through his heart.

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