Getting back to work after a break

Hello all…It’s been a while. A lot has happened and I’m still struggling to find my bearings in Bangalore. Good news (or bad I’m not sure at this point) I’ve started working again. This time it’s a writing job! ( I know!!considering I like to write, this does sound like an interesting turn of events).

I’ve joined a content management company and my work involves reading text books on a varied range of subjects from psychology to religion to management. Language training sessions are great and begin to throw light on punctuations – some choose not to show up on certain occasions and while others show up where they are not invited  and subject-verbs can sometimes ‘disagree’. It’s a process I hear and I’m getting there…

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If any of you are wondering how it feels getting back into the work force after a break. The experience has had its ups and downs…Well, let me explain, I’ve been –

The Samurai and the Emotional wreck: I can tell you now that the experience wasn’t easy and wasn’t very difficult either. That said, I cried like a baby on my  first day. Saying bye to my darling princess was not easy in the least. Even while I sat in the training room where we were filling out forms and finishing up the joining formalities I kept thinking about lil Ems back home.Thank God she was in safe hands and her safety and well-being were not a problem. I always thought I was a very practical sort of person who would do what needed to be done without feeling any emotion like a Japanese Samurai – Nishi the Bushi (Bushi means Japanese Samurai and yes, I realise that sounds very odd with my name and the rhyme just makes it worse) but let me tell you I was Nishi the Mushy on my first day at work. One of my colleagues said she thought I had my b**** face on that day and that I looked kind of intimidating but the truth was, I was feeling bad having left little Ems behind. Don’t worry it’s been a month now and we’ve both adjusted to the new schedule.

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The Debutante and the Elderly matron: Yea so I don’t know if you guys remember I celebrated my 30th birthday here on my blog two years back and it was a nice day. I dreaded the three zero but as it turns out nothing actually changed and things only got better- emotionally I felt mature and in control, I grew more accepting of myself and the way I looked, I felt healthier and more energetic that I did in my twenties…so life was in fact getting better. But here I was at the workplace starting at the bottom with a bunch of twenty somethings. So when I finally got to talk to the cute guy in office and he asked me in a voice interspersed with equal doses of curiosity and innocence how old I was…In my mind I was like..

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…in the end however, I remember squirming and with every ounce of my being trying hard to be honest and finally I voiced my truth- I’m thirty one. Hell, when my nephew asked me how old I was when I blew the candles on my cake this birthday I acted all “caszh’ and told him that I was  ‘forever twenty one’ (the name of the store I bought the dress I was wearing or my age he can go figure) but seriously folks – if I have to be very honest age don’t matter.

The Zen master and the Drama queen: There have been several occasions in my one month of working that I’ve vacillated from being completely in control of my emotions and feelings to when I’ve totally blown my fuse. When my friend at office, lets call her Sally, called me a drama queen after witnessing my numerous meltdowns at the bank while setting up my account and at the office, it made me think and reflect…Maybe I was overreacting, maybe it’s not right to expect people to behave in a certain way when perhaps they were never taught those values in the first place. Lack of professionalism, self-centredness and a blatant disregard for others have become a trademark of majority of the youth in India today. I know I sound very preachy and judgemental at this point but I sincerely yearn for those old school values of chivalry and sincerity…Yes, Mister please explain to these kind folks what I mean…

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When you start something new and after you’ve taken a break, you tend to compare things to how it used to be and how it was. I consider myself fortunate however to have had the opportunity to experience these things and though it does get a little emotionally draining at times there is always an adjustment phase when you are trying to learn and adapt to the new surroundings and new ways of life. How have you all been?


Winter madness

The snow on the tree seemed so thick and heavy to the point the branches looked like it would break under the crippling weight of it all.

Sera was taking a walk that chilly Tuesday morning and looked forward to getting herself a cup of joe. She passed the tree and at that precise moment a gentle breeze blew and all the snow slipped off the branch and in one swift downward motion, an avalanche of icy cold fluff plopped right on top of her puny little head and over her shoulder.

You could imagine how flabbergasted Sera was, standing under the tree, covered in an icy heap. But, silly as this story is, few minutes after recovering from the blow, she let out a sharp shrieking sound like a crane or some wild bird you would normally see by the sea…

She laughed all that morning and on her way to the Starbucks and even afterwards when she got back home, cleaning the house, while doing the laundry and even as she cooked her dinner…Towards night time she seemed quiet but her husband saw her shoulders snickering from the laughter she was trying so hard to smother while she prepared her nightly cup of tea.

She chuckled in her sleep and the whole of next day. ‘Tis a funny hand the heavens dealt Ms. Sera for sure – as she laughed all through the winter without a cure.


The Bank robbers

They were friends before they were lovers. And now they were going to take their relationship to a whole new level –  from partners in sex they were going to be partners in crime.

They’d been gathering information on the local Bank of Demdon, a few miles from where they stayed and where each had a savings account, for four months now. Though their bank accounts were almost always empty, they by now knew everything about the place – when the bank would open and close, how many employees worked there, when the cash was loaded and unloaded and shifted into the teller counters from the vault, picking locks to figuring out passwords to safes and the tools they would need for all this – They had it all figured out.

“So we’re doing this” Celia asked Harry, her voice betrayed her nervousness.This move from hairdresser to bandit in broad daylight was a giant leap for her. The only  ‘secret weapon’ she had handled were a blow dyer or a curling iron and here she had thrust inside her bra a Beretta. She almost felt like a Bond girl at this point.

pistol.png (1909×1263)

Harry was your average Joe plumber who one fine morning decided to go rogue..he had big dreams and limited talents for making money and then decided that robbing a bank would be the solution to all his problems…Rome sure wasn’t built in a day but the human mind can flip in seconds and they were about to find out how true this was.

Dressed in black, hair dyed teal blue, teased and coiffed like rockstars of the 80’s; so that it resembled a lion’s mane after it had been electrocuted, they drove to the bank and entered through the front door and in the quick and sure motion of tigers pouncing on their prey moved quickly towards the teller.

The teller that day was a young lady in her twenties who had just gotten back after her mandatory long leave; most of which was spent in therapy for an anxiety disorder. As she took a deep breath and told herself that ‘all was well and beautiful in this world’, she looked up and saw the new visitors dressed in black with sinister looking expressions.

What triggered her reaction next could have been the bright blue hair that seemed to have a life of its own in her eyes and everything she had learnt in therapy simply flew out the teller window. She began to shriek a shriek so loud, Harry felt his ear drums had shattered into a million gazillion pieces and the fact that Sally had joined the teller in this scream fest was definitely not helping…The teller in her frenzy had by now reached into her handbag and drawn out a fully loaded standard issue Glock and as Harry turned to face the teller again he found this lethal piece of machinery – over his nose right between his eyes.

Harry and Celia froze…They were so not prepared for this. Somehow in their mind the whole bank robbery- this situation, was so wonderfully drawn out with calm, composed – the right amount terrified – all too obliging bank employees.

A few hours later as Harry and Celia lay naked in bed after an hour of passionate love making, releived they were still free and alive, they recounted the horrifying events of the day.

Needless to say they were let go. The bank manager apologised profusely for the unseemly behaviour of the bank employee as apart from the crazy looking hair, Harry and Celia did seem like a normal everyday couple visiting the bank.

Harry got back to being a plumber and Celia got back to working at her local salon and they still have nightmares of banks and insane tellers and handguns going off in their face.