#whats up!

Whats up!

Its been a while,

Been inspired,

To be in style.




Poison Ivy

Poisonous you are

like a venomous snake

how I attracted you into my life; I’m not sure.

I loathe your kind and yet,

I called you friend.

Leave me now and plague me no more.

Put an end to your

feigning love and fake air kisses

Your heart is a cess pool

a deep well of toxic waste.

I would never wish your

company on even my worst enemy,

soon I will erase the memory of you

from my mind.

The Wedding

The bride in darkness hunched up,

sobbing into the fabric,

sopping up her tears,

salty and dense with,

makeup dissolved.

Scent of trampled flowers

and fear still fresh in the air,

The corpse of her groom

lay cold under the earth,

tightly held by mother nature’s

deep embrace,

gaping wound -hate slashes

across his chest and neck.

The bride sat upright,

no longer hunched up;

blood stains of her love-

abstract modern art,

on a canvas of silk and lace,

a madman’s creation-

soceity’s abomination

for finding love outside

her community.



I stepped out into

the scorching sun,

and set into motion,

equations and algorithms-

of life and purpose;

having aims and goals,

and not many distractions;

will power is not easy,

more to do with sacrifice

and for sacrifice,

you need determination, perhaps-

a dose of an alchemist’s potion?

So as the cogs of my mind rolled,

my feet moved involuntarily,

a smaller creature tugged,

on my one arm,

her tiny steps,

following me,

I couldn’t let her on.

selfishness had its limitations,

and selflessness no bounds.

If you feel this poem is tedious,

I offer my apologies,

exposing such a cross section…

the workings of my mind

I end this here

praying for order,

I end this here

no more on the border.