Monday Rambles – On Anger

I don’t curse in real life and people who know me in person know that I am pretty mellow and go to large extends to always be polite and well mannered often at the risk of sounding or seeming fake and being misunderstood….It’s a cross that I bear – I for one find it difficult to be any other way.

With friends I try to be honest and when I do let my guard down say the darnedest things which have people in splits of laughter, often because it’s like those funny situations when something you least expect to hear comes from the mouth of someone you least expected it to come from…So, yes I have been that someone and said those somethings but once in a while you just need to let go.

So why did I sound the way I did in my Saturday poem? I was angry. Anger is an emotion that I have yet to come to terms with. Sure, we all feel angry and its just a natural emotion like any other, but expressing ones anger was to me  a sign of weakness. As I was discussing with a dear friend Hugh here at WordPress in the comments following my post On Sadness I too like him used to bottle up my feelings especially my anger and then one fine day, I would just explode leaving the person at the receiving end with nothing less than third degree burns and once the catastrophe is over, I’m overwhelmed by this feeling of  guilt and remorse and my apologies would follow them for a week.

01_angry_little_girls.jpg (597×597)

So bottle -explode -apologise- implode… The focus would shift from the person or thing that I was angry with and move back to me and the fact that I got angry and that I expressed myself in the ugly way that I did.

Did I really need to feel apologetic for my anger? Did I always need to poo poo this feeling and sweep it under my pillow every night I went to bed?

I don’t think so. Anger is a natural emotion like any other emotion you may feel. It creeps up when you sense injustice – when you know something unfair is happening to you or to the people around you. Why shouldn’t you want to express yourself when it happens? Why wouldn’t you want to talk to someone who you feel can make the situation better for you?

I’ve decided to come to terms with my anger by – Accepting – My anger is legit and if someone is making me angry then surely something about the situation has to change. Even if the person you are angry with doesn’t agree with you or your reasons for getting angry it doesn’t matter because, once you’ve accepted the anger you can go about your life and use the feeling to take up those actions that could possibly change your situation.

I think this is what all great men and women of the world have done to make a change in the world – Used their anger as fuel to make a difference.

Have a great week folks!

Monday Rambles – A very short one, Oscars and an announcement

Hi everyone! After the Mildreds you can read all about it here, (Thank you Hugh for the award!) and the excitement, I was just recovering from the jetlag  I must say the Oscars to me felt like a bit of a balancing act with most of Neil Patricks jokes falling flat and his ‘presenting’ in his underpants even if it was just for a ‘brief’ moment (puns intended)…

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)
Oh well..


It was hillarious to hear Lady Gaga sing and then talk in a British Accent and John Travolta face tapping Idena Menzel to make up for mispronouncing her name last year. Jennifer Hudson’s performance was breathtaking and the standing ovation followed by the Oscar for the song Glory from the film Selma by John Legend and Common was such a wonderful tribute to the great Martin Luther King Jr.

I was disappointed to see that Joan Rivers was missed out in the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars. I don’t understand how The Academy could write off such a great lady considering she was an actress in the beginning of her career too before she became a comedienne.

I haven’t seen the Birdman which I’m sure must be a great movie and I was rooting for The Grand Budapest Hotel having watched the movie twice already.

brilliant-new-poster-arrives-for-the-grand-budapest-hotel-151538-a-1387438468-470-75.jpg (470×265)
The Awesome cast of the Grand Budapest Hotel


As for the announcement – I  wanted to let you all know I’ve started a blog showcasing another favorite hobby of mine – Crochet. It’s

Keeping todays rambles short …I hope all my friends are doing well…I have a lot of catching up and reading to do…

Take care everyone! Have  a great week folks!


1000 Voices Speak for Compassion #1000 Speak

1000speak.jpg (750×744)

Hello everyone, I’m sure many of you would have heard of the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion movement here at WordPress…you can read about the lady who kick started this  Lizzi Rogers by clicking the link. When Serins of Serins sphere threw out an open invitation to join in, I jumped at the opportunity.

One of the best definitions for the word Compassion that I’ve read and completely agree with is that ‘Compassion is being able to recognise the suffering and sorrow of others and taking action to help’

When I think of compassion there is an incident that happened in the very recent past that comes to my mind and in this particular instance it was not a human being but an animal, that taught me a valuable lesson and made me think and gain a fresher perspective on this beautiful emotion that helps elevate us and realize the God’s spirit we were all born to embody.

We had a White Christmas here at Salt Lake this year. It was beautiful to see the snow fall and cover the rooftops and the trees and it snowed the whole day on Christmas and the day after.The day after Christmas is when my story begins. We had a visitor at our door who was none other than a  little cat. Though in the beginning I just thought it was the T.V, I later came to understand that the mewing and scratching we were hearing was actually happening outside our front door.

Now have I told you that I’m afraid of cats? I don’t hate them. All my life I’ve known people who have cats as pets. One of my Aunts had this huuuge Persian Cat at home and with all its snobbish airs you would assume it was the Shah of Arabia and we the lowly human beings it had so graciously allowed to sit in its kingdom/presence…but all said royalty or not, the moment these creatures come anywhere near me I freak out.

Golden-persian-cat-1.jpg (580×424)

So here we are inside. The husband and I were cleaning up and  it got to the point where we had three full bags of trash and we had to throw them out before the next round of cleaning could start and there was this cat mewing at the door. I tried shooing the cat away through a gap through the door and the husband had a wise idea – He got out the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming the living room. “ The noise should drive the cat away” he said.

Well it worked! I opened the door again and this time the cat was gone! I felt immense relief and volunteered to throw the trash. Little did I know what waited me by the stairs..

The story that follows will be narrated through the eyes of a panic stricken and extremely terrified woman. The moment I stepped out three huge bags of trash in hand, the cat came pouncing up the stairs and towards me. My heart raced at record speed and I started screaming for my husband and shooing the animal away at the same time. No husband came to my rescue as he was vacuuming away to glory and my bellowing outside the door got drowned in his enthusiastic dust busting…

The cat and I were now trash bag to paw – the cat was tugging at my trash bags with its paws I mean. My heart was now beating in my throat and my brain had flatlined…”Take it!” I screamed and dropped two of the three bags I had in my hand and frantically ran down the stairs to the trash can outside.

Once I disposed of the trash, I walked back mind filled with apprehension and fear only to find this was no nightmare – I was wide awake and the cat was still there and so were my trash bags with paper cups and plates spilt all over. The cat had established dominion over my front door and was now giving me the most iciest wide eyed stare.

Seeing I was back, it walked back towards me and settled on a stair just above where I was standing on the stair landing. Once again I shouted for my husband and at this point I realized it would be just me and the cat now and I had to do something about this…I took a few deep breaths and decided to get over myself.

Scared+woman.gif (288×315)

I looked at my enemy the cat one more time..but this time I didn’t look at it with fear rather with an open mind to understand what I was against. It looked back at me and I couldn’t help notice now with my change in attitude  it’s eyes were not harsh or barbarous but rather seemed to be pleading with me for mercy, for COMPASSION, to rescue it from the cold…It’s body was shivering as it huddled on the step drawing from its own body heat for warmth. I continued to look into its eyes and this time my mind was more at ease..If this was a talking cat who we will now name – ‘Puss on Stoop’, our exchange at that moment would’ve gone something like this…

Me: “Dear Cat, I hope you don’t think I’m being cruel…not letting you inside”

Puss on Stoop: “But please help me.”

Me: “I would if I wasn’t so scared of you”

Puss on Stoop: “But you don’t have to be scared, look at me, I’m freezing”

Me: “I see that, but its a childhood fear I’ve not quite outgrown, pictures of a lady maimed by her pet cat, I once saw in a magazine when in school is still fresh in my memory…I want to rescue you..but I don’t know how”

And then like an angel of God, my neighbour appeared with his girlfriend’s son, “Hi Nishi, were you planning to drop by the house?” Considering I was standing in front of his house too afraid to climb the stairs and go up to mine I guess that’s what it looked like..I smiled sheepishly and told him the reason I was there.

He took a look at the cat and informed me it was just a kitten and possibly a stray and slowly and gently picked it up from where it was. From the way the cat so quickly glided off the step and onto my neighbours shoulders you could say it was greatful to its saviour and that this was the moment it was waiting for all this time…to be held and rescued…My neighbour told me he would take it to a shelter where it would be safe and in the mean time he took it into his apartment. I thanked him and walked back home.

As silly and frivolous as this incident may seem the little cat taught me a lesson in compassion. Sometimes your fears inhibit conscious thinking. Your mind shuts down and you become blind and incapable of empathy. The opposite of love is not hate it is FEAR.

All the oppression and the brutalities that are going on in the world around us – the wars, killing of innocent children, the torture and lack of tolerance for people, ideas,views and groups all stem from fear and lack of patience to try and understand.

I hope we adopt a more open and broadminded outlook to life and help further build this ‘World Village’.Let’s try and create that world of compassion and brotherhood.Tiny drops….

Monday Rambles – One Lovely Blog Award

Monday is here, the beginning of a new week. Since Monday is all about Keeping It Short and Simple ( my version of KISS) and since this blog is called ‘The Showcase’ guess its time I revealed an award that has been standing proudly on my imaginary blog mantlepiece for a couple of weeks. Its high time I thanked my fellow bloggers who nominated me for the award and so here I go –

So I was at Amanda’s ‘Big fat award ceremony‘ she said the whole event would be something in the lines of a Big fat Greek wedding and Oh, it was a grand event alright! With a fancy cat on the drums while we waited with bated breath to hear the nominees, the unlimited champagne that flowed the whole night and the dancing that followed – despite the fact that I have two left feet and kept bumping and crashing into people (sorry Zareen, Hugh, Ron) I had a jolly good time..Thank you so much for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’

award-2.jpg (218×218)

I would like to thank-

1. Ronovan of for nominating me for the award. Ronovan or Ron as we call him writes from the heart. The kind of person who can write about just about any topic under the sun and strives to always put out his best. He is an encourager and a teacher and has been one of my biggest motivators and supporters as a newbie in blogging. Despite the demands cast on him because of his health he continues to inspire and has now come out with a new blog which showcases authors and tips and tricks on how to become a published author..please do go check him out.

2. Amanda of needs absolutely no introduction.Her style of writing has been nothing short of inspirational. What I love about Amanda’s writing is that it tugs at your heartstrings and at the same time tickles your funny bone…there have been occasions I have read Amanda’s blog and laughed so hard I’ve been in pain in places I never knew wonder her stellar readership..Thank you Amanda!

3. Zareen of Orange Shoes Talking my go – to  funny lady..this young lady’s sense of humour never ceases to amaze me. She always succeeds at leaving me in splits with her funny take on the goings on in her life..I absolutely love following her and am always happy to see her comments and feedback on my blog..thank you so much darling for the positive strokes!

Now for the rules of the award:

1)You must thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2) You must list the rules and display the award

3) You must add 7 facts about yourself

4) You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts, letting them know they have been nominated

5) You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you

From the looks of it Rules 1,2 and 5 have been covered..moving on to 3 and 4

7 Facts about me:

1. The only pets I’ve ever had were five  budgerigars a.k.a budgies a.k.a love birds owing to the fact that growing up I was allergic to dogs and cats. One afternoon as my mother was cleaning out the cage, just months after I had got them they all flew away.

i_love_budgies_mousepad.jpg (400×400)

2. I know its weird but I love soggy biscuits..I love getting a glass of milk (or water when I get calorie conscious..;D) and fill it up with biscuits (Oreos are the best but you could use any boring cookie) and then scooping up the yummy deliciousness with a spoon…its my comfort food..sorry if I’ve grossed anyone out with this revelation.

the-easiest-recipe-involving-oreos-ever1.jpg (320×211)

3. I used to be deathly scared of slides when I was a child. I always imagined myself as falling off from the highest point at a trajectory and dying..Yes, I had a vivid imagination right from kindergarten..recently though I decided to overcome my fear and got on a slide with my daughter and it was still weird but once I got to the bottom I had to go again..

-playground-kids-stocks-economy-sandbox-dbrn843_low.jpg (400×473)

4. Do- It- Yourself projects help me relax.

5. The first time I got my very own library membership was on my tenth birthday…I still remember it as a very happy day in my life.

338810d52bcb15c0e2d86732a6ae99a4.jpg (236×210)
Thats not me. Thats Mindy Kaling.

6. I believe I bake ‘the- most – excellent Chocolate cake’ though the husband begs to differ.

Quotation-Henny-Youngman-wife-Meetville-Quotes-55447.jpg (403×275)

7. I love to laugh – then again who doesn’t?

My 15 nominees for the award

1. Eloise of Thoughts by Mello Ello : Author, Mother, Wife, Daughter she is such a wonderful human being and so talented not only does she write but she even illustrates some of her work.

2. Mihran of Mihran Kalaydjian : Talented artist and man who is never miserly when it comes to encouraging and complimenting other bloggers and artists..a lovely person.

3. Hugh of Hughsviewsnandnews : His blog posts are entertaining and engaging and his sincerety shines through in all his interactions.Simply love this guy,

4. Cassidy Frazee of  Wide awake but dreaming : She is such a tenacious and disciplined author. Devoted to her craft. I love her style and use of language.

5. Phen Weston : Love his heartfelt poems.

6. Jamila of  Divine Poetic Whispers ; Beautiful Jamila has a lovely blog with lots of beautiful photographs and lovely poems.

7. John of Storytime with John : Great stories and anecdotes shared with a touch of humour.

8. Lulu of Lulus poetry corner: Lovely friend I just love her spirit and the way her poems make me feel.

9. Teny of Movies of the Soul : Teny writes such detailed movie reviews its amazing!

10. Andy of The Wandering Poet : His blog has a lot of offer by way of his photography and his poems and the videos he shares.

11. Permacooking of : Great tips on how to improve your lifestyle.I love visiting her site just because I feel enriched every time I do.

12. Jamal of  My success is your success : His passion shines through in his writing a lovely blog.

13. Serene of Ms. Tranquility  Beautiful lady with a unique point of view all expressed so beautifully through her poems.

14. Anu of Violets and Vanilla : Talented baker and such a lovely person.

15. Wendall A Brown of Where Words Come alive : He is an inspiration and his poems are truly heartfelt.

On Guerilla Antibiotics and Silver linings

Oh how I hate the winter! The cold and eerie evenings that steal the bright sunlight from my day.

Its not fair its only 5:30 in the evening ” I sulk and almost cry like a child at the unfairness of it all. Three weeks of not feeling well has depleted my energy and thank God I finally mustered up the energy and the willingness to go visit a doctor yesterday.” Its a good thing you’ve come in now” he said, “both your ears are badly infected” ..he went on further to describe the unsavory details regarding the condition of the innards of my ear, details of which I guess I most certainly should spare you.

funny-baby-doctor-heart-mp3-.jpg (403×402)

Now I have anti- biotic warriors in full gear within my system waging the war that my poor body was waging on its own and supremely failing at for the past couple of weeks…Sorry dear ‘Temple of God’s spirit’ for the neglect I bestowed on you for assuming you could do it on your own without the help of modern medicine and technology.

Talking about technology, the internet seems to throw up pictures of Kim Kardashian’s well oiled and perfectly shaped derriere in the first edition of the winter edition of the Paper magazine and I shake my head in disbelief “surely this must be Photo shopped” and in the next edition she goes all full frontal…’Kim Kardashian pays tribute to the soldiers the way she knows best’– the article reads.

Chelsea Handler has already posted pictures of her rear to counter Kim’s as though she was just looking for an excuse to do so…”Oh grow up Chelsea!”

MV5BMTc3NDU0NDQyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTk5NjE2MQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg (281×400)
“Thank you Kim for giving me an excuse to selfie my rear”
Kim_Kardashian_2011.jpg (1152×1728)
“Your welcome! Just doing my good deed for the day!”

The pain killers have numbed the pain but the chill of the outdoors cast a dark shadow over my head and all over the room that I sit inside which has the blinds still left undrawn. I’m still not ready to let you in my dear(cold winter air).

Then comes thoughts of the Christmas tree that I will put up in a couple of weeks and there it is I’ve found my silver lining…No wonder we celebrate Christmas in December!

idNjkxZTg5YzhkODA0MQ==-4c9d600d22211ebd2d0ed3fc8f619bc9.jpg (620×412)
” I bring gifts and anti depressants”

Guerilla Antibiotics get me well…

heroesBattle.jpg (324×260)

Happy Halloween folks!


Happy Halloween folks! And no, that’s not my costume for the Halloween party tonight..After hours of costume foraging/hunting at three Halloween stores and crossing off options (Giant Pumpkin, Gothic Princess, Butterfly, Vampire..) finally found something “nice” at Zurchers and zeroed in on ‘Il diavolo’s wife’ or ‘She devil'(now you know why the nice was in quotes)

red cape – check! horns- check!

Halloween is a Western Christian tradition with its origins in Celtic Christianity and is a day when you honor the memory of the dead. It was wonderful to learn that it is also a tradition that takes a tongue in cheek humorous approach to man’s sentiments toward death with all the funny costumes and dressing up on Halloween.

Ems has been down with the cold for the past few days – must be the changing weather and she’s a ‘pixie fairy’ this year and her costume and accessories are all set. The plan is to take her trick or treating basis how cold or warm it is here in the evening..what is everyone dressing up as tonight? Have a great day every one!