The End

She stepped onto the middle of the street waiting for a car to come hit her, but, she found they just steered away, curving around her; the drivers shouting choice expletives as they sped away to meet their hurried deadlines – personal and professional places they needed to be.

Why?! she wondered. Why was she being spared every time, again and again?

She had lost count now…Please reveal my destiny she cried please reveal the purpose of my life! she begged to that unseen force of nature her mother had told her was a God that overlooked all of creation…

She stepped back onto the curb and with what felt like the force of a raging bull, she was run down by a stray dog chasing another. Before her brain could assimilate what had happened, she hit her head on the pavement – a deep wide gash on the side of her head; gaping like a pothole in the middle of an Indian road…she lay there motionless, a wetness tingling down the side of her face…

Expectation Management

When his manager called him up he said he was at lunch when he was infact, meeting with a client for business. He was unsure about the outcome of his meeting and didnt want to be badgered by the ‘big man’ at office. ” So where do I sign” asked the client and the imaginary dark cloud lurking behind his virtual rainbows and sunshine demeanor (the one he puts on for client meetings) vanished!

He dialed his boss – “I’ve closed a deal”…

“What! I thought you were at lunch!…Amazing!”

Happy to have been able to impress his boss using a white lie he had said earlier, he drove back to office. Expectation managements an art.

Time for love

They sat gazing at each other. The light of their computer screens illuminated their faces in the dark.He was seated in his home office she could see sports memorabilia and a huge foam finger hanging on his wall.Her room seemed neat and had a huge glitter LOVE & PEACE on the background…The specks of glitter glinted off the reflected light from the only light source.

They sighed together and couldn’t contain their desire for each other…If this was the real world they would just devour each other with their passion.

” I  love you” he said,

“I love you too….you need to sleep, it’s getting late” she said

” I don’t think I can sleep tonight…Kiss me” he said

She blushed and in the light of the screen her face turned a deep mauve.

” Good night ” she said ” I’ve got school tomorrow”

“Good night then,” he said trying to hide his disappointment, ” …see you in class.”

She shut down her computer removed her glasses and dropped her dentures into a glass of water, ate her nightly medicines and went to sleep.


After having fixed her breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries with a cup of green tea, Kayla walked up to the kitchen to prep for that evening’s dinner. Fried Rice was on the menu and Dragon Chicken.

She stepped into the kitchen and decided to cook a little differently today – Maybe she would cook naked! Wouldn’t that be unhygienic? She just decided she would take a bath. Stripped off her clothes Kayla began gathering the ingredients in her birthday suit. Soy sauce – check, Chilly sauce – check, rice,chicken….

As the wok heated up she felt a sharp sting on the side of her right thigh and the skin close to her perfectly round belly button – the oil in the wok had just reacted angrily to the tiny drops of water that had accidentally dripped into it…Yikes! bad decision perhaps?This small ‘mishap’ didn’t deter her from her decision to cook the entire meal the way she was. Soon, she felt her skin soak up the oriental flavors of the sweet and the chilly, the fresh bite of the spicy ginger dissolving the pungency of the garlic…

Suddenly she realized she just couldn’t go through with this charade…KIDS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

The Bank robbers

They were friends before they were lovers. And now they were going to take their relationship to a whole new level –  from partners in sex they were going to be partners in crime.

They’d been gathering information on the local Bank of Demdon, a few miles from where they stayed and where each had a savings account, for four months now. Though their bank accounts were almost always empty, they by now knew everything about the place – when the bank would open and close, how many employees worked there, when the cash was loaded and unloaded and shifted into the teller counters from the vault, picking locks to figuring out passwords to safes and the tools they would need for all this – They had it all figured out.

“So we’re doing this” Celia asked Harry, her voice betrayed her nervousness.This move from hairdresser to bandit in broad daylight was a giant leap for her. The only  ‘secret weapon’ she had handled were a blow dyer or a curling iron and here she had thrust inside her bra a Beretta. She almost felt like a Bond girl at this point.

pistol.png (1909×1263)

Harry was your average Joe plumber who one fine morning decided to go rogue..he had big dreams and limited talents for making money and then decided that robbing a bank would be the solution to all his problems…Rome sure wasn’t built in a day but the human mind can flip in seconds and they were about to find out how true this was.

Dressed in black, hair dyed teal blue, teased and coiffed like rockstars of the 80’s; so that it resembled a lion’s mane after it had been electrocuted, they drove to the bank and entered through the front door and in the quick and sure motion of tigers pouncing on their prey moved quickly towards the teller.

The teller that day was a young lady in her twenties who had just gotten back after her mandatory long leave; most of which was spent in therapy for an anxiety disorder. As she took a deep breath and told herself that ‘all was well and beautiful in this world’, she looked up and saw the new visitors dressed in black with sinister looking expressions.

What triggered her reaction next could have been the bright blue hair that seemed to have a life of its own in her eyes and everything she had learnt in therapy simply flew out the teller window. She began to shriek a shriek so loud, Harry felt his ear drums had shattered into a million gazillion pieces and the fact that Sally had joined the teller in this scream fest was definitely not helping…The teller in her frenzy had by now reached into her handbag and drawn out a fully loaded standard issue Glock and as Harry turned to face the teller again he found this lethal piece of machinery – over his nose right between his eyes.

Harry and Celia froze…They were so not prepared for this. Somehow in their mind the whole bank robbery- this situation, was so wonderfully drawn out with calm, composed – the right amount terrified – all too obliging bank employees.

A few hours later as Harry and Celia lay naked in bed after an hour of passionate love making, releived they were still free and alive, they recounted the horrifying events of the day.

Needless to say they were let go. The bank manager apologised profusely for the unseemly behaviour of the bank employee as apart from the crazy looking hair, Harry and Celia did seem like a normal everyday couple visiting the bank.

Harry got back to being a plumber and Celia got back to working at her local salon and they still have nightmares of banks and insane tellers and handguns going off in their face.

More Coffee?

As they sat there in the coffee shop sipping their coffee through the tiny apertures on the caps of their plastic coffee cups Herman stared out through the glass window and watched the automobiles passing by. Sherry was busy reading her book…She had just picked it up from the library that afternoon and hadn’t decided whether she liked it or not, but until then she decided she would continue to read.

Herman enjoyed these moments where they wouldn’t talk. He was the type of guy who enjoyed a woman’s company but didn’t care much for conversation. Sherry on the other hand loved to engage in small talk but found it futile to converse with Herman – their wavelengths just didn’t match..Any efforts at having a meaningful conversation would end with one of them exiting the scene in exasperation.

But she liked having him around. She liked how his brain worked – his logic, his reasoning… She felt he was a calming influence to her normally impetuous temperament. He kept her from running and crashing into stone walls and hurting herself.She loved his strong hands…

“I need more coffee” she said,” I’m going to get another cup; do you need me to get you something?”

Herman looked up and simply moved his head a whole one eighty degrees once and then back again to answer her question.

Sherry walked up to the barista and ordered a hot cup of vanilla latte in the smallest size. She noticed the barista was cute in the most obvious way and had the most gorgeous dimples as he smiled and took her order….’Too young’ she thought to herself. As she waited for her coffee she looked across the coffee shop to Herman as he sat there looking out the window just as she left him…

960b83c436e34f5ea4a1e5c7e6d5191e.jpg (575×387)

Monday Rambles – After a break.

So it’s been a long break…A bit too long perhaps? The reason I say this is, coming back, I just didn’t know where to start with the catching up and I just kept putting off my ‘Monday Rambles’.It kind of felt like coming back to work after a long vacation and finding out you forgot to ask someone to water your Lucky bamboo and you find out your lovely plant has long gone to plant heaven. I guess I’ve warmed up and stretched enough now isn’t it? so, let’s get right to it shall we?

gp4-lb19-grnmtn.jpg (800×800)
Bye Bye Lucky Bamboo.
Yay Spring!

Isn’t it great that Spring is here? I for one am relieved and happy to have said good bye to the dreary winter.

And what have I been up to during my break? The aim was to do some introspection, be inspired and to perhaps dig a little deep into my creative cauldron. Can’t say the break was all I had expected it to be, because life can get a little too overwhelming and you have no option but to be one hundred percent available to tackle whatever is thrown your way (read husbands work schedule, spring allergies).But all’s well now and when you read about the earthquake in Nepal and the thousands who have lost their life and are injured you just remember to be thankful and to appreciate all the good things you have.

I know Thanksgiving is over but I guess its never a bad time for some pecan pie … 🙂

I did however, do a bit of baking – Mostly pies – a pecan pie, sweet potato pie and an oreo cheesecake pie…but the last one didn’t involve so much baking more of mixing and leaving in the refrigerator to set. So all the hogging against my better judgement has left me 13 pounds heavier…yes you read right the number is a one followed by a three..which brings the total number of pounds I need to lose to thirty five.I’m trying not get worried. Just being positive – you dont want your stress hormones to add to the damage already done now do we?

Talking about binging, I binge watched all seven seasons of Mad Men on Netflix and have fallen in love with the fashion and style of the 60s and ahem…John Hamm who plays Don Draper the central character of the show. Mathew Weiner and his team of writers who wrote the show are simply brilliant – the way they’ve drawn out the different characters in the mad mad world of advertising in the 60’s intertwining it with all the major political and socio economic milestones – the Kennedy assasination, the Civil Rights movement, the booming economy, the Hippy culture, the introduction  of computers into mainstream business – this show had me hooked.

mad-men-header.jpg (3546×1313)

I’ve also started reading Austenland by Shannon Hale…I’ve just finished with the first chapter and being a fan of all the works of Jane Austen I must say I’m curious to see how the plot is going to develop.

Austenland_(Shannon_Hale_novel).jpg (198×300)

I’m looking to make some changes to the blog or maybe even set a theme for the next month. The thought is still ‘Work In Progress’ and hopefully I should be able to come up with something concrete very soon. I hope you all have a wonderful week!