Prepping for the day – Phase one Juice.

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So the partys coming up. Its going to be a small scale affair.hoping to make it a ‘perfect small scale affair’ though. As the hostess Ive decided as the first step in prepping for the party should start with moi losing a couple of pounds. The scales have been tipping in the forward direction for quite sometime yo-yo ing once in a while but in the same unfavorable range.. So Ive got a month left..Ive started juicing..

Went to wholefoods yesterday and got myself some kale and carrots..I had my cup pf tea in the morning ( Dont know if Joe Cross will be cross about that ) and for breakfast 20 ounces of green juice..Feeling a little tired and a lot tired, but this was expected the body will go into detox mode for a week is what my research tells me..

Well Ive eaten lunch the nauseous feeling I was getting had to be put to rest. Had a bit of the pulav Id made for the husbands lunch (SO much for cutting out carbs ) but feeling much better though. I did 45 minutesof Jillian Michaels and had a couple of  Danish butter cookies. The tempation to gorge down babys leftover rice was very strong but made myself a watermelon juice and called it a night.

So that was day one of my journey to skininess and to lose 50 pounds seems like a huuge insurmountable mountain now. But I should get there…


On Beach Balls and Hugh

Hey there..just yesterday when I was drinking my morning cup of tea and relaxing after breakfast and packing lunch and the husband out of the house. Deep in eyes – wide – open thought – My daughters birthday is coming up next month and I was thinking maybe we should have a couple of guests over for a small birthday party..The thing on my mind right now is how to set the house up for the party since DIY projects are a thing close to my heart. I had my eye on a particular ball that was quietly lying around the house made ugly by random scribblings by my 1 year old- you know kids all the excitement and fascination they show for toys in a shop just to let them lie/ deface when you get home – for a statement chandeliar for the balcony. And as if she could read my mind and wanted to save the massacre of the ball by her mom she was all excited and kicking the same around all morning…Cr**

She asked me to join her and yea I thought “What the hell” and kicked the ball around soccer style and I must say we both had fun..during time out I sat back on the sofa feet on the coffee table when lil Emma looking at a cover of Good Housekeeping with Hugh Jackman on it says ” Daddy” I was like ” Yea I wish..”guess all ‘men/males’ are daddy now..note to self must teach her to say boy/girl…

Anywho Im still planning that party..the venues fixed will be our apartment..Im excited.