Loony Lines

The author looked at herself in the mirror and noticed the fine lines on her forehead and wished she had moisturized more often. Wisdom lines, laugh lines… all happy names for Senility’s unwelcome arrival leaving his unseemly mark with his fine tipped feather pen. She pictured him in her mind wearing a crazy looking hat getting his jollies off shouting ‘I’m here, I’m here!’…

Her thoughts were interrupted by her teenage daughter who had now joined her at the bathroom mirror to refresh her makeup. The author noticed how fresh and smooth her daughter’s skin looked until all of a sudden her face was upturned, her features were now stretched and the skin on her daughter’s forehead creased and folded into more than twenty lines. The young lady was trying to get a proper look at a tiny pimple on her chin.

‘Stop that right this minute’, the author shouted, startling her daughter…

“What?!!” the daughter snapped back.

“That – whatever you are doing with your forehead”, she said her long finger drawing imaginary circles on her daughter’s face.

“Mom, you are crazy” the daughter said and stormed out of the bathroom.

She was left alone once again with the lines on her face.

“Wisdom lines! bah! Loony lines that’s what you are”

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Monday Rambles – Mummy says…

Hello guys!..I’m coming down with something – a cold ?a flu? not sure yet, but I have a box of Kleenex ready and my laptop steady as I lie down on the couch and type out my Monday morning rambles for the new week.

I have no clue how I contracted the virus I’m not sure but I’m thinking its an allergy of sorts from the cold wind that blew saturday evening while I caught up on Selena Gomez and her hard partying ways and Oprahs ‘35 ways to make over your life‘ while the baby slept peacefully at the back of the car as the husband went into Best Buy to check on something – Men and their romance with electronics!

Anyways moving onto rambles. My mother has been big on Proverbs and sayings. Everyday she would dole out her pearls of wisdom at the end of every after- school conversation while growing up.The ‘Top 3’ as I remember them are

1. A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.

2. Do not judge a book by the cover.

3. You are what you eat.

Now it was upto us my brother and I to take these words of wisdom and see how they held up as we tried to apply it in the real world and out there trying to put these sayings to practical use was tough. At the workplace I saw that people with the worst reputations were very quickly climbing up the corporate ladder, The lazier a person looked in his outward appearance most likely he was a ‘shabby snook’ in real life as well.

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With busy schedules it was not always easy to be mindful of what we ate.

I dont mean to discredit Mum just wanted to say that to apply Mums life lessons to everyday life was not easy. the ‘Real World’ was tough and the rules had to be applied in a different way to get through life while preserving your sense of self dignity and self esteem.

Maybe we’ll dwell on this together later. Have a great week guys!