Driving home in the rain

His calls were unrelenting – he was crazy about her – or so she thought in the beginning of their relationship. If he couldn’t reach her, his calls and the messages would come pouring in – almost like the rain she found herself stuck in that evening. It wasn’t too late after they had met that she realized that he was merely a child in a grown man’s body.

For him she was just another prize that he had to win. And like all the “toys” he would he would buy for himself – he would fiddle with them for some time and then simply throw them away.

He was used to being neglected, ignored as a child and he was used to demanding attention. Love was an alien concept and yet a word he very often used…and abused

“Julia I love you, please pick up the phone”

She read the message on her phone. It was the tenth message he had sent her in the span of the last ten minutes. She wasn’t sure if she should reply or acknowledge his calls or messages. It was becoming unbearable for her – he was becoming unbearable to her. His self obsession, paranoia and his lack of sensitivity was all getting on her nerves. She knew she had to move out of this toxic relationship and stop playing the victim.

The weather that evening was terrible and she wasn’t sure when she would be able to get home. The rain kept pouring in torrents on her wind shield. Dense, heavy droplets of sky tears – there was only so much that even Mother Nature could take. She had been stuck in traffic for almost an hour now and even though the wipers swished quick and fast the fog and the water were unyielding and made it impossible for her to make out how far the line of cars extended before her…

“C’mon, move already!” she yelled in exasperation.

Sam Smith sang soulfully on the radio-

When you call me baby…

I know I’m not the only one”

Slowly she lowered the glass of the window on her side of the car and a blast of icy cold air hit her skin. She closed her eyes and while her phone continued to beep and blink she asked herself where she was in a hurry to get to anyway. Driving back home to her lonely one bedroom apartment she would still be tormented by thoughts of him. She wondered why she kept repeating these mistakes…Then again was she getting addicted to the chaos that was her life? What would happen if she finally did the inevitable and just let him go? Would she miss the attention? Would she miss him and his craziness?

She let the rain fall on her face and she felt the drops of nature’s pain stream down her face dissolving her own.

“Its over Ted.” she heard herself say over the phone. She heard angry rants on the other side as she cut the line and placed the phone beside her.

The rain had stopped and the cars had started to move. Slowly and surely she drove home.

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