No more

On edge with anticipation

emotions blowing in all directions

inside; tumultuous winds

more than I can take

Grief and death in this world

makes me think-

are humans so obtuse?



Why him on the seashore and not one of us?

Monday Rambles – On Sadness

What’s up everyone. Last week, despite all my good intentions I couldn’t devote as much time as I would’ve liked to blogging and browsing. You know -You want to do this, end up doing that and as Seinfeld would put it-  yada yada yada..

yada.gif (200×200)

No, I wasn’t watching reruns of Seinfeld but you know those times you feel so down in the dumps, so blue you have no clue, so low you just don’t know what to do ?

So sad and depressed that if a person walked into your room with a gun you’d happily stick it down your throat and pull the trigger (No, you’ve never felt that? Then, that’s just me then…)

C65.gif (339×338)

But what I’m trying to say folks is again nothing new – Emotions are so powerful. I read a quote somewhere last week and now I can’t find it and when paraphrased it goes like – ‘great art is often the result of great sadness’. I agree that sadness is a very deep and strong emotion that when experienced in moderate to high levels, it awakens the poet in you however, when experienced at its peak, it steals the words from your world rendering you mute…which reminds me of the scene in the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte where when after her wedding to Mr. Rochester comes to an abrupt end mid ceremony with the revelation that he is already married and  she realizes that all along she has been living under the same roof as his mentally ill wife, she sits on her bed in her wedding dress – ‘too sad to even cry’

michael-fassbender-as-edward-rochester-and-mia-wasikowska-as-jane-eyre-in-jane-eyre-2011-1347741176_b.jpg (500×700)
Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester and Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre…

I am an eternal optimist and so I will definitely point out that the silver lining in experiencing these temporary troughs in life is it offers you the gift of empathy. You learn to walk in other peoples shoes even if its not your size and you are feeling uncomfortable and to reach out to others and make a meaningful impact in their lives through your words and actions.

I look at lil Em today and I feel this surging emotion of wanting to protect her from all the nastiness in this world. As a parent I want her to be happy ALWAYS even if I know it is not possible and shield her from the meanies and the recreants of the world thinking it would maybe scar her emotionally and psychologically. But this would not be right or possible. She will collect sea shells of good and bad experiences in her little sand bucket as she walks along the sea shore of life….Its inevitable. The only thing I can do as a parent would be to be PRESENT and give her the confidence that my shoulder will always be free for her if she needs me.

So count your blessings and never forget your misfortunes because you tend to draw a lot of wisdom and life lessons from them. And…Write them down.

Stranger in the mirror

You barely recognise

the person in the mirror,

your reflection

is to you

as much a stranger

as your

lonely, senile

next door neighbour,

Your heart

is brimming with self loathing

yet, you yearn for


They don’t hear you

across the corridors

over their loud music

your bawling

copious tears

like waterfalls cascading



How unfair!?

d10dc3d18725370ac8cbcdb5a2ad6a89.jpg (236×177)