The Bank robbers

They were friends before they were lovers. And now they were going to take their relationship to a whole new level –  from partners in sex they were going to be partners in crime.

They’d been gathering information on the local Bank of Demdon, a few miles from where they stayed and where each had a savings account, for four months now. Though their bank accounts were almost always empty, they by now knew everything about the place – when the bank would open and close, how many employees worked there, when the cash was loaded and unloaded and shifted into the teller counters from the vault, picking locks to figuring out passwords to safes and the tools they would need for all this – They had it all figured out.

“So we’re doing this” Celia asked Harry, her voice betrayed her nervousness.This move from hairdresser to bandit in broad daylight was a giant leap for her. The only  ‘secret weapon’ she had handled were a blow dyer or a curling iron and here she had thrust inside her bra a Beretta. She almost felt like a Bond girl at this point.

pistol.png (1909×1263)

Harry was your average Joe plumber who one fine morning decided to go rogue..he had big dreams and limited talents for making money and then decided that robbing a bank would be the solution to all his problems…Rome sure wasn’t built in a day but the human mind can flip in seconds and they were about to find out how true this was.

Dressed in black, hair dyed teal blue, teased and coiffed like rockstars of the 80’s; so that it resembled a lion’s mane after it had been electrocuted, they drove to the bank and entered through the front door and in the quick and sure motion of tigers pouncing on their prey moved quickly towards the teller.

The teller that day was a young lady in her twenties who had just gotten back after her mandatory long leave; most of which was spent in therapy for an anxiety disorder. As she took a deep breath and told herself that ‘all was well and beautiful in this world’, she looked up and saw the new visitors dressed in black with sinister looking expressions.

What triggered her reaction next could have been the bright blue hair that seemed to have a life of its own in her eyes and everything she had learnt in therapy simply flew out the teller window. She began to shriek a shriek so loud, Harry felt his ear drums had shattered into a million gazillion pieces and the fact that Sally had joined the teller in this scream fest was definitely not helping…The teller in her frenzy had by now reached into her handbag and drawn out a fully loaded standard issue Glock and as Harry turned to face the teller again he found this lethal piece of machinery – over his nose right between his eyes.

Harry and Celia froze…They were so not prepared for this. Somehow in their mind the whole bank robbery- this situation, was so wonderfully drawn out with calm, composed – the right amount terrified – all too obliging bank employees.

A few hours later as Harry and Celia lay naked in bed after an hour of passionate love making, releived they were still free and alive, they recounted the horrifying events of the day.

Needless to say they were let go. The bank manager apologised profusely for the unseemly behaviour of the bank employee as apart from the crazy looking hair, Harry and Celia did seem like a normal everyday couple visiting the bank.

Harry got back to being a plumber and Celia got back to working at her local salon and they still have nightmares of banks and insane tellers and handguns going off in their face.

Monday Rambles- What would you blog about? a.k.a The Magic of Writing

Good morning everyone! or Good evening or even Good night to some of my friends living in the different time zones across the world. Wherever you are I hope you are keeping well and have had a good start to the new week.

Its February and the climates getting better here at Salt Lake. Though its windy and slightly cold and gets even colder during the evenings, the weather is more enjoyable – children are out playing in the afternoons and I for one am loving the pops of colour in people’s outfits these days … 🙂

spring-season-nadia-sanowar.jpg (900×599)

So for today’s rambles I was just wondering, and this is a question to all my bloggy friends – How much time do you spend trying to finalize a topic to write about? Do you worry as to whether your readers will be able to relate to what you write? Do you consider the message or the values your writing will convey?

Since I’ve started my blogging journey I’ve come to realize how much we have in common with each other despite the geographical distances that separate people across the world. Emotions and feelings in writing are universal. We all have our peeves and frustrations and despite whats going on in the world around us we all want to be happy and successful.

I don’t know how many of my dear friends listen  to NPR (the radio channel) but there was this interesting interview with an African author last week about a new book which is an anthology of short stories by a group of young writers. She spoke about the literary scene in Nigeria and how the Western media bombards you with stories of war, poverty, child soldiers and human trafficking in Africa and how this book covers none of that. A group of young writers have collaborated to bring out a book which quite contrary to Western expectations of themes from Africa is an anthology of short stories on life – normal everyday life and the people who live it.

So the question is does writing on human emotions or people daily routine would mean that young writers of today are ‘disengaged’ from soceity? does it mean they are shallow or superficial? or does it reflect some sort of general apathy ?

Which takes me back to the literary movement of the 19th century where writers of the time propounded ‘Art for Art’s sake’ – that literature should be a means for self expression and not have a didactic and/or moral purpose or in our case a political angle. From a blogging perspective atleast in the blogs that I follow, bloggers are today using creative writing

1. As a tool for self expression

2. As a vent for inner angst

3. As a vehicle to spread the message of hope and faith

All reasons why people have been writing for ages, but that said, I guess we all realize there is a change in the way writers are choosing to express themselves in modern times. This is the ‘Age of Information’ and writers are opening up and and coming forward to share aspects of their life in a language that would otherwise be deemed taboo..So even if not all of us actually write about those topics, there is a widespread tolerance for that ‘no holds barred’ style of writing and presentation; which may explain the popularity of shows like Girlscreated and written by Lena Dunham.

7d1da04e.jpg (658×658)

I got to watch back to back episodes of Season Two of the show on HBO a couple of Sundays ago. I must say, the raw and honest portrayal of the life and friendships of a group of twenty- something year old women, as they navigate through life coupled with their struggles with transitioning into adulthood was unique and refreshing like nothing you’ve seen before. The writing was bold and straight forward and the  feminist views presented in the series felt empowering.

However, there are scenes in the show especially the one where Hanna (played by Lena Dunham herself) plays ping pong with her much older lover (played by the dashing Patrick Wilson) in the nude, where you cringe and almost bury your head under a blanket.

Sure, nudity is nothing new when it comes to television, but the fact that Hanna is no super model and has the body of an average pear shaped woman – wide hips, flabby arms and all and yet so boldly throws her inhibitions to the air for millions to see, made me even more aware of my insecurities and how shy, self conscious I was…whether its a good thing or a bad thing – I’m still not sure…So by being blatantly open and by exposing every facet of an individuals personality both personal and public, Lena Dunham captures the zeitgeist of our times.

ping_pong.jpg (425×282)

In the meanwhile watch this clip from Girls Episode 2 where she meets an online magazine editor and discuss on possible topics she could write about… 😀

So what do you think writers should write more about? Should they write about their normal everyday lives or is it their responsibility to touch on important topics that have a more soceital or global impact? What do you like reading about?

Have a great week folks!!

Stranger in the mirror

You barely recognise

the person in the mirror,

your reflection

is to you

as much a stranger

as your

lonely, senile

next door neighbour,

Your heart

is brimming with self loathing

yet, you yearn for


They don’t hear you

across the corridors

over their loud music

your bawling

copious tears

like waterfalls cascading



How unfair!?

d10dc3d18725370ac8cbcdb5a2ad6a89.jpg (236×177)


Wham…Christmas song

One of my earliest memories of a Christmas song (apart from the carols of course) is ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham!

wham.jpg (628×874)

 The song was released in 1984, the year I was born and topped the charts in the UK and was the No.1 song in several countries that year. As a girl,  I remember hearing this song playing on the radio on Christmas morning as the house filled with mummy’s Christmas cooking and me and my brother sneaked into the kitchen and stole brownies from the cake tin.

But coming back to the song, I remember as a kid wondering what my then crush George Micheal (way before he came out to the world as being gay and not that I would’ve understood it at that time) was singing about giving his heart away and what that had to do with Christmas.

Years later as I grew older and many an infatuation and a heartbreak later I began to understand the meaning of the lyrics and how the song talks about unrequited love and hope.

unrequited-love-heartbreak1.jpg (250×250)

Rejection from a person you love is a gut wrenching/agonizing feeling. When you realize it has happened, you not only hate the person you were ‘in love’ with  but also – yourself…and then even your roommates begin to hate you because you chose to just mope around and not shower.

29795144.jpg (400×300)

You feel confused and broken and you treat yourself like a lab rat in a cage poking and prodding – trying to analyze and dissect aspects of your personality that may have led to the rejection.

r1269207_17079423.jpg (840×781)
I’m watching you..

 But its a sad truth that sometimes people you care a lot about don’t care as much about you and vice versa. Psychologists attribute this tendency to a primitive masochistic gene that sometimes rears its ugly head in our personalities.Sometimes ‘People reject the most thoughtful, most caring, most loving people in their lives’..It happens and I would agree with Taylor Swift when she says you just gotta- ‘Shake it Off’

anigif_enhanced-15122-1408465620-2.gif (500×280)

With Christmas round the corner this is a time to throw the past behind you and to solidify your sense of self worth and to call on your special strengths…

Go grab that yoga mat and just breaathe…now slowly open your eyes put the pieces of your exquisite crystal heart back together and like George Michael sings reserve it ‘to give to someone special’..

mistletoeREX_228x357.jpg (228×357)

Until next time please do enjoy the song!

“Last Christmas”


[Chorus (2x):]
Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away.
This year
To save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone special.Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance
But you still catch my eye.
Tell me, baby,
Do you recognize me?
It’s been a year,
It doesn’t surprise me
(Merry Christmas)I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying, “I love you,”
I meant it
Now I know what a fool I’ve been.
But if you kissed me now
I know you’d fool me again.[Chorus 2x]Oh, oh, baby.A crowded room,
Friends with tired eyes.
I’m hiding from you
And your soul of ice.
My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on.A face on a lover with a fire in his heart.
A man under cover but you tore me apart, ooh-hoo.
Now I’ve found a real love, you’ll never fool me again.[Chorus 2x]A face on a lover with a fire in his heart (I gave you my heart)
A man under cover but you tore him apart
Maybe next year I’ll give it to someone
I’ll give it to someone special.Special…

The Ring and the Test

“The clarity of this stone is brilliant..Cleopatra worthy..” the words from the mouth of the salesman at the jewelry store just seemed to flow as smooth as honey, though you couldn’t miss the monotone in his voice from years of describing the cut and the carat of exotic gems and precious metals to women who ‘oo‘ and ‘ahh’ at the enticing display.

She admired the diamonds and sapphires so intricately crafted onto the platinum band she was now wearing, The way the light reflected off the ring was breath taking and she stared transfixed at her hand – she almost couldn’t believe was her own. She admired her long slender fingers in different angles and every time she did, the stones presented a brand new scintillating sparkle more spectacular than the one before…Voices in the background were now mute mumbling.

As she contemplated buying the ring she knew there was one final test that the ring had to pass before she made her decision…Slowly but surely she reached out to the counter where she had placed her phone – it was the latest i Phone 6 she’d gotten just last week. She wasn’t sure if it was against the rules to take pictures inside the store but it’s not like she cared – she made her own rules. 

With one swift swipe she unlocked the phone screen and clicked on Instagram and in a matter of seconds before anyone could notice clicked a picture of the ring on her hand…But it was too late – she had already invited the disapproving glare of the elderly woman sitting right beside her, who gave her a sideways glare.

She held the phone close to her and examined the picture. Her fingers long and slender with perfectly manicured nails, every ridge and line in perfect alignment, the skin in the back of her palm the perfect shade of tan looked as smooth as silk..a couple of unsightly blue veins and bones but nothing that a little editing couldn’t fix. She could imagine all her ‘friends’ going green with envy.No longer had she posted the picture, in a matter of seconds there were a hundred likes.

“I’ll take it” she told the salesman and picking up her brand new Birkin bag made her way to the counter.

amber-rose-engagement-ring.jpg (500×500)


Beauty in a painting

Beauty peaks from your forehead

curving delicately to your nose.

Sensuous is the arch of your lips,

like bows on the temptress

within is a quiver of smiles.

Sparkle that rivals the kohinoor,

Is the divinity in your eyes.

Wholesome is the lustre of your hair,

like a fragrant flower bed falling on –

Your skin –

like exquisite silk, wrapping-

the grandeur of the world.

b6d8da13012830acd9aef5d7f356e35e.jpg (236×357)