Getting back to work after a break

Hello all…It’s been a while. A lot has happened and I’m still struggling to find my bearings in Bangalore. Good news (or bad I’m not sure at this point) I’ve started working again. This time it’s a writing job! ( I know!!considering I like to write, this does sound like an interesting turn of events).

I’ve joined a content management company and my work involves reading text books on a varied range of subjects from psychology to religion to management. Language training sessions are great and begin to throw light on punctuations – some choose not to show up on certain occasions and while others show up where they are not invited  and subject-verbs can sometimes ‘disagree’. It’s a process I hear and I’m getting there…

writer-moments6.gif (500×281)

If any of you are wondering how it feels getting back into the work force after a break. The experience has had its ups and downs…Well, let me explain, I’ve been –

The Samurai and the Emotional wreck: I can tell you now that the experience wasn’t easy and wasn’t very difficult either. That said, I cried like a baby on my  first day. Saying bye to my darling princess was not easy in the least. Even while I sat in the training room where we were filling out forms and finishing up the joining formalities I kept thinking about lil Ems back home.Thank God she was in safe hands and her safety and well-being were not a problem. I always thought I was a very practical sort of person who would do what needed to be done without feeling any emotion like a Japanese Samurai – Nishi the Bushi (Bushi means Japanese Samurai and yes, I realise that sounds very odd with my name and the rhyme just makes it worse) but let me tell you I was Nishi the Mushy on my first day at work. One of my colleagues said she thought I had my b**** face on that day and that I looked kind of intimidating but the truth was, I was feeling bad having left little Ems behind. Don’t worry it’s been a month now and we’ve both adjusted to the new schedule.

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The Debutante and the Elderly matron: Yea so I don’t know if you guys remember I celebrated my 30th birthday here on my blog two years back and it was a nice day. I dreaded the three zero but as it turns out nothing actually changed and things only got better- emotionally I felt mature and in control, I grew more accepting of myself and the way I looked, I felt healthier and more energetic that I did in my twenties…so life was in fact getting better. But here I was at the workplace starting at the bottom with a bunch of twenty somethings. So when I finally got to talk to the cute guy in office and he asked me in a voice interspersed with equal doses of curiosity and innocence how old I was…In my mind I was like..

.no-baby-no-gif.gif (460×248)

…in the end however, I remember squirming and with every ounce of my being trying hard to be honest and finally I voiced my truth- I’m thirty one. Hell, when my nephew asked me how old I was when I blew the candles on my cake this birthday I acted all “caszh’ and told him that I was  ‘forever twenty one’ (the name of the store I bought the dress I was wearing or my age he can go figure) but seriously folks – if I have to be very honest age don’t matter.

The Zen master and the Drama queen: There have been several occasions in my one month of working that I’ve vacillated from being completely in control of my emotions and feelings to when I’ve totally blown my fuse. When my friend at office, lets call her Sally, called me a drama queen after witnessing my numerous meltdowns at the bank while setting up my account and at the office, it made me think and reflect…Maybe I was overreacting, maybe it’s not right to expect people to behave in a certain way when perhaps they were never taught those values in the first place. Lack of professionalism, self-centredness and a blatant disregard for others have become a trademark of majority of the youth in India today. I know I sound very preachy and judgemental at this point but I sincerely yearn for those old school values of chivalry and sincerity…Yes, Mister please explain to these kind folks what I mean…

oldschool.jpg (1000×675)

When you start something new and after you’ve taken a break, you tend to compare things to how it used to be and how it was. I consider myself fortunate however to have had the opportunity to experience these things and though it does get a little emotionally draining at times there is always an adjustment phase when you are trying to learn and adapt to the new surroundings and new ways of life. How have you all been?




Greetings one and all! It’s New Years Eve here and maybe already New Year in some parts of the globe so HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 to all my fellow bloggers!

I saw my Aunt had posted on her Facebook page that, the results of an online survey, in the New Year she could look forward to – ‘More muscles’, great love, career advancements and lots of travels. Everyone in the family had a good laugh…Who writes these online questionnaires anyway?!!

My mum just sent me a New Years wish


Looking back at 2015, I say it surely wasn’t one of the most stellar years of my life. Definitely one of those so – so years where I’ve achieved nothing ‘ground breaking’ nor experienced anything ‘earth shattering’ …To condense 365 days in a nutshell I would call it – a year of ‘certain uncertainties’, lags and difficult decisions.

In 2015, I was actively involved in the lives of friends in my real life and less in my virtual world.

Smidgens of wisdom from 2015 –

  1. EI is important!! Always maintain Emotional Integrity in relationships. I’m sure we all have those moments where you feel like you were dropped into that awkward social environment where you know being friends with a person is not conducive in the long run, but you thwart your inner ‘ESPN’ (I hear you Karen of Mean Girls.. :D) and carry on anyways…Word of advise – DON’T
  2.  Regrouping is important!! Be mindful of your goals and direction in life. Take time off in your day to regroup. People and places throw you off track but as Tina would say, when its time to shut down –
  3. KISS Always!! Keep it Simple Silly!You think you’d like to take over the world and do it all and be nice to everyone…you buy stuff you do and don’t need, when what you should actually be doing is- just say a few words of gratitude to all people and things for the good and bad lessons learnt and let go! I think we all need some Marie Kondo in our lives

I have a huge announcement. The New Year I will be moving from the U.S back to India. I don’t know if you all knew but we were here because of my husbands work assignment and it has sadly come to an end and we fly back around February 2016…So here’s to New beginnings!

Happy New Year everyone!



Monday Rambles – What I hate about the Rain

Monday Rambles time! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather. As I sit on my couch looking out the window, I can see the dense dark clouds outside and it is most certainly going to rain today.

I love the lovely earthy scent when the first rain falls on the dry soil – takes me back to the beautiful monsoon mornings in my grandmother’s backyard, the soles of my sandals sinking into the moist, red brown soil; holding the flowers and flicking dew drops off the leaves in her garden which she tended to and loved even more than her children – you can read more about my grandmother and her obsession here.

december-import-801.jpg (4000×3000)

But sorry to say, there ain’t nothing romantic about the rain and here’s why

Rains are the curly haired girls worst enemy. Yes, Just imagine you’ve spent hours styling your lovely tresses only to step out and then it pours! All that time (and product) spent taming your mane goes to waste as all the moisture in the air has done the damage, leaving you looking like this –

frighteningFrizzR.jpg (250×300)

Racoon Eyes…No Thank you. You look at yourself in the mirror and admire your perfect eye make up. You take the train to work and as you step out, it begins to rain. You’ve forgotten your umbrella and decide to face nature head on. As you step into the office you notice people are literally avoiding looking your way and you step into the washroom to ‘freshen up’…and then…you let out a bloodcurdling shriek that has the lady in the rest room cubicle literally jump out mid business…How could you not? Your make up has run all over your face and you look like that kid from the movie – The Grudge

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

Showers of  Muddies. Don’t you hate walking on the sidewalk headed to work looking all dapper and sharp- chin up, shoulders straight,tummy tucked in, your favorite shoes ‘clickety clacking’ on the concrete and feeling good about all the admiring glaces being thrown your way, smug and happy about your awesome dress sense and impeccable taste..Until…

article-2081141-0F538BA100000578-831_634x416.jpg (634×416)

Why do you love/hate the rain? Do let me know.Have a great week folks!

Happy New Year! Guest Post – ‘Almost Christmas Baby’ by Anju of Ramandraisin

Happy New Year! It feels truly wonderful to welcome the New Year. Still coming to terms with the fact that we celebrated Christmas a couple of days ago and will have to wait a whole year before the next, however, I think it will be some time before the lights and the tree come down. Here are two more Christmas articles I would like to share with my readers by two of my blogger friends

First I’d like to introduce Anju from Ramandraisin .I’ve known Anju for a long time. We went to college together and I’m proud to have her as a friend, you know the kind who no matter the time or the distance you know when you meet again it seems as though you were never apart. She is also a successful career woman, wife and proud mother of an adorable five year can read about the funny anecdotes of things that happen in her life written in her unique tongue -in- cheek style at her blog.

She was born a ‘Christmas Eve baby’ or as I call her an ‘Almost Christmas baby’ because she was born on the 24th of December and so it was easy to keep yourself from forgetting her birthday and this year I requested her to write me an article on what it felt like to have the whole world lit up and festive on her birthday. She was kind enough to humour me with her humorous article..I hope you guys enjoy and please don’t forget to check out her blog!


‘Almost Christmas Baby’ by Anju

Let me start by laying my cards on the table.I am not a great blogger.Hell,I am not even a decent blogger!

I do have a blog but I can hardly run it.I love Nishi’s blog though and applaud her dedication towards blogging so regularly. Nishi wanted me to write about being an “Almost Christmas baby” so here goes 😀 Oh,and nice to meet you all!

I thought I would run through a couple of memorable birthdays I have had. Growing up I always felt like the whole world was having a giant birthday party just for me.And I always wondered why it wasn’t only me getting all the gifts at the bottom of the tree.

But I’ve been blessed with parents who  more than made up for that. My birthday since I can remember was a week long celebration.A party at school,a party at home and a party at my tuition class. 

Being their only child and them being bad at surprises, my folks could never keep my gifts a secret from me. So as and when they got me a present impatient little child that I was, I would end up unwrapping it the same day! Yes,it was quite an expensive affair for them trying to make sure there was at least one gift wrapped surprise that lasted till my actual birthday!

You know how some gifts stay in your mind even though they are not the most expensive?Well it was the one birthday I spent with my folks in Thekkady(a small hill station/wildlife reserve in India). It was a change from the parties and somehow that little bit of family time meant more to me than any present.I should mention here that my parents lived/worked in tea plantations in pretty places but they were always in the middle of nowhere and so I lived with my grandparents to complete my schooling in the city.Maybe that’s why quiet time with them was lovely.

No one can accuse my family of not moving with the times though.With the onset of social media my mom makes it a point to put up a sappy but very sweet message celebrating the wonder that is her daughter. Though after having had a baby myself…being laid up in hospital all stitched up on Christmas day isn’t my idea of a good time. But then,that’s a doting mother for you.

I remember my first birthday after marriage.My husband asked me to tell him what I wanted as he was terrible at coming up with surprises.I was still on my best behavior then and so I told him anything was fine.

He got me a blender.Stuff(it’s a family blog!) hit the ceiling and now I spell out exactly what I want.No subtle hints. 😀

He did surprise me my last birthday by doing this

and even though I did not want my age to be displayed like that.It was such an out of character thing for him to do that I had to appreciate it 😀

Now that I have been married for almost 7 years now and have a daughter,I just hope I can make some happy memories for her.

Before some moron decides to buy her a blender.

On Guerilla Antibiotics and Silver linings

Oh how I hate the winter! The cold and eerie evenings that steal the bright sunlight from my day.

Its not fair its only 5:30 in the evening ” I sulk and almost cry like a child at the unfairness of it all. Three weeks of not feeling well has depleted my energy and thank God I finally mustered up the energy and the willingness to go visit a doctor yesterday.” Its a good thing you’ve come in now” he said, “both your ears are badly infected” ..he went on further to describe the unsavory details regarding the condition of the innards of my ear, details of which I guess I most certainly should spare you.

funny-baby-doctor-heart-mp3-.jpg (403×402)

Now I have anti- biotic warriors in full gear within my system waging the war that my poor body was waging on its own and supremely failing at for the past couple of weeks…Sorry dear ‘Temple of God’s spirit’ for the neglect I bestowed on you for assuming you could do it on your own without the help of modern medicine and technology.

Talking about technology, the internet seems to throw up pictures of Kim Kardashian’s well oiled and perfectly shaped derriere in the first edition of the winter edition of the Paper magazine and I shake my head in disbelief “surely this must be Photo shopped” and in the next edition she goes all full frontal…’Kim Kardashian pays tribute to the soldiers the way she knows best’– the article reads.

Chelsea Handler has already posted pictures of her rear to counter Kim’s as though she was just looking for an excuse to do so…”Oh grow up Chelsea!”

MV5BMTc3NDU0NDQyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTk5NjE2MQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg (281×400)
“Thank you Kim for giving me an excuse to selfie my rear”
Kim_Kardashian_2011.jpg (1152×1728)
“Your welcome! Just doing my good deed for the day!”

The pain killers have numbed the pain but the chill of the outdoors cast a dark shadow over my head and all over the room that I sit inside which has the blinds still left undrawn. I’m still not ready to let you in my dear(cold winter air).

Then comes thoughts of the Christmas tree that I will put up in a couple of weeks and there it is I’ve found my silver lining…No wonder we celebrate Christmas in December!

idNjkxZTg5YzhkODA0MQ==-4c9d600d22211ebd2d0ed3fc8f619bc9.jpg (620×412)
” I bring gifts and anti depressants”

Guerilla Antibiotics get me well…

heroesBattle.jpg (324×260)

Numbers in our lives.

When life became a game of numbers,

I wanted no part of it.

I chose to sit by the sidelines,

And threw a hissy fit.

I sat on the benches,

with my unlimited supply of Hersheys,

As the Iron men, the triathletes

and the marathoners

passed me by.

After the sugar rush,

came the subsequent crash

and I woke up from my stupor.

I scanned my sanctuary,

And all around me was  trash.

And then it hit me

One autumn morning to be exact

Life was indeed about numbers

There was no escaping the fact.

Of all the numbers leading to infinity

The most important are,

The number of people you inspired

And the number of hands you held.

Dedicated to Hugh of Hugh’s News and Views whose article Living by Numbers inspired this poem though he talks about how numbers today have become an obsession and the futility of a life measured solely by numbers I just thought I’d extend this thought and give it a slight twist…Thank you Hugh!


He said she said….


ncEEbbacA.jpeg (500×359)

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asked

“Cooking” she said

“Are you watching that show on your iPad?”

“Hmm.. yes” she said

“Why cant you just do one thing at a time?”

“Because I CAN do both” she said

“Whatever” he said dismissively

“What are you doing?” she asked

“Working” he said

“And your headphones?”she asked

“What about them?

“They’re in your ear”

“Im listening to music” he said

“Let me see… and Facebooks open..”she said peering into the laptop screen

“Yea, so?”

“I rest my case”

Word of Warning: Never text and drive.