Monday rambles – simple delights

Its Monday again and I’m sticking to my thing of not complicating the day and posting my rambles to warm up for the week ahead..

Last weekend was busy with the fireworks of the 4th of July and entertaining friends at home. It was a nice weekend of small and simple delights. Ive been here in the US for two years now. Last year we were in North Carolina and we missed seeing the 4th of July fireworks. I dont remember why exactly…had something to do with the baby and her sleep time I think, as the fireworks happen real late in the night.

This year we are in Utah and I decided not to miss it eventhough the husband did share ‘fun’ facts on how ‘Fireworks impact the environment’, but eventually even he decided not to be a killjoy..

So we drove to this place we thought was the nearest point where the fireworks would be only to realise that all along the way at various points people were lighting fire it felt like we were in one of those cars on the set of some old movie from the 60s driving away while fireworks happened at the backdrop.

It was already ten when we got to Thanksgiving point and the sun had set. Many people had already parked their cars on the side of the road, spread out their blankets/sheets and planted themselves on the grass with coolers of beer by their side. There were kids playing with fluorescent rings that glowed in bright neon and fluorescent green in their hands and on their necks. They were all there – the young and the old – to celebrate the freedom that the founding fathers had so painstakingly fought for and won..and as the fireworks whooshed into the sky and exploded boom! to form magnificent flower like patterns must say I felt thankful just for being alive!

1693494-L.jpg (377×420)
Saturday was fun and busy. Entertaining friends and family is something I love to do, though I dont get to do it as often as Id like.Preparation started two days in advance – chopping and marinating meat dishes in particular so that all the spices and the aromas are perfect when they are cooked and served. In India we say ‘Athithi Devo Bhava which translates to ‘The Guest is God’ so I took it upon myself to ensure that my guests had as close to ‘heavenly’ an experience as I could offer and was extra careful not to burn anything (as you see Im still an amateur when it comes to cooking and on a normal day I tend to burn even water).

On the whole it was a great evening..the food was tasty, we had some good laughs and wonderful conversations.

photo1 (7)

Thats the happy chef  and a picture of the quiche and  biriyani which is a fragrant Indian rice dish (made with basmati rice and spices and chicken) made by yours truly.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!