Monday Rambles – After a break.

So it’s been a long break…A bit too long perhaps? The reason I say this is, coming back, I just didn’t know where to start with the catching up and I just kept putting off my ‘Monday Rambles’.It kind of felt like coming back to work after a long vacation and finding out you forgot to ask someone to water your Lucky bamboo and you find out your lovely plant has long gone to plant heaven. I guess I’ve warmed up and stretched enough now isn’t it? so, let’s get right to it shall we?

gp4-lb19-grnmtn.jpg (800Ă—800)
Bye Bye Lucky Bamboo.
Yay Spring!

Isn’t it great that Spring is here? I for one am relieved and happy to have said good bye to the dreary winter.

And what have I been up to during my break? The aim was to do some introspection, be inspired and to perhaps dig a little deep into my creative cauldron. Can’t say the break was all I had expected it to be, because life can get a little too overwhelming and you have no option but to be one hundred percent available to tackle whatever is thrown your way (read husbands work schedule, spring allergies).But all’s well now and when you read about the earthquake in Nepal and the thousands who have lost their life and are injured you just remember to be thankful and to appreciate all the good things you have.

I know Thanksgiving is over but I guess its never a bad time for some pecan pie … 🙂

I did however, do a bit of baking – Mostly pies – a pecan pie, sweet potato pie and an oreo cheesecake pie…but the last one didn’t involve so much baking more of mixing and leaving in the refrigerator to set. So all the hogging against my better judgement has left me 13 pounds heavier…yes you read right the number is a one followed by a three..which brings the total number of pounds I need to lose to thirty five.I’m trying not get worried. Just being positive – you dont want your stress hormones to add to the damage already done now do we?

Talking about binging, I binge watched all seven seasons of Mad Men on Netflix and have fallen in love with the fashion and style of the 60s and ahem…John Hamm who plays Don Draper the central character of the show. Mathew Weiner and his team of writers who wrote the show are simply brilliant – the way they’ve drawn out the different characters in the mad mad world of advertising in the 60’s intertwining it with all the major political and socio economic milestones – the Kennedy assasination, the Civil Rights movement, the booming economy, the Hippy culture, the introduction  of computers into mainstream business – this show had me hooked.

mad-men-header.jpg (3546Ă—1313)

I’ve also started reading Austenland by Shannon Hale…I’ve just finished with the first chapter and being a fan of all the works of Jane Austen I must say I’m curious to see how the plot is going to develop.

Austenland_(Shannon_Hale_novel).jpg (198Ă—300)

I’m looking to make some changes to the blog or maybe even set a theme for the next month. The thought is still ‘Work In Progress’ and hopefully I should be able to come up with something concrete very soon. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday Rambles -Fantasy Size Triple Zero and Digital brains

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Friday evening flowed into Sunday and then the start of another week and here we are on the first Monday of August..

Woke up and headed straight to the weighing machine (Its a  Monday morning ritual..wake up- go the bathroom- weigh myself) and I felt sad to see that Sunday brunch with friends at the Indian restaurant downtown had not been very forgiving…that and the carbolicious dinner at home late at night while watching Fargo on Netflix with the husband (such brilliant writing and  wonderful performance by actress Frances McDormand.)

Fargo.jpg (234Ă—350)

Oh well, a brand new week, a brand new struggle…As they say weight loss is a ‘journey’ not an overnight miracle..One of my favorite fantasies is waking up one day in the morning looking like a Victoria’s Secret model..bit much? Fairy Godmothers are only in fairy tales after-all..Zero_Skateboards_Skull_Logo.jpg (413Ă—496)

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to promote the Size zero and whats this I hear? the latest trend-  Triple Zero where women are trying to fit into clothes with 23 inch waists and what 6 or 8 year olds would wear? Hello Ms. Frankel!

I have clothes ranging from a size 10 to size 16 in my closet right now. Over the course of
time, I have accepted myself the way I am, through diet and excercise I am currently at a place where I am happy with myself.

I must say, growing up it was quite a struggle. A poor body image can wreck your self esteem and your sense of self respect and when that happens its the worst feeling in the world. You become your own worst enemy and people pick up on those vibes and you discover nothing seems to work in your favor. You can turn things around ladies and gentlemen.. 🙂

The key lies in self acceptance – before anyone else, You need to accept You..body, mind and soul. As long as YOU are  happy and healthy everything else will be fine..Do whatever it takes to get to that point. And by whatever I mean eating healthy 80 percent of the time and leading as active a lifestyle as your situation permits.. Let your light shine through..

We’ve been talking about the body now moving on..reading is one great way to nourish the mind. This weekend, much to my disappointment I had to return a couple of  books I had borrowed from the library without as much as flipping the pages of some.

I don’t know if this happens to anybody who is reading this, but I’ve noticed sometimes when I read a book my eyes scan the words and my brain is not necessarily taking in the meaning and by the time a paragraph is done I have to go back and read the whole page once more. Well, I googled it (side effects of the times. You’ve got to google everything!).digital-brain.gif (605Ă—375)

Guess what! apparently humans are developing ‘digital brains‘.Yes, you read right. According to cognitive neuro scientists our brain circuits that have developed over millenia which helped us to focus on deep reading is now being replaced with new circuits that don’t focus as much from continuously skimming through torrents of information online..


Well hopefully its not permanent and can be reversed. As wonderful as it is to have information at your fingertips, the beauty and joy of reading can and should never be replaced..On that note wishing you all a great week ahead!



Monday rambles -Supermoon and Supermom

So its time for the Monday rambles! Yet another week starts and we step into the latter half of July..One word to describe a typical July afternoon – scorching heat..sorry two words..step out in the afternoons and you feel your skin burn.Sunscreen is definitely my best friend these days.

Did you see the ‘Supermoon’ on Friday? For those who didnt, the Super moon a.k.a the ‘perigee moon’ “is the closest approach of the moon on its elliptical orbit around the earth resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from the earth” (courtesy Wikipedia) 

We were just returning after dinner Friday night and as we were driving back home after ice cream at Cold Stone we got this magnificent view of the moon over the mountains. Sure Ive seen a full moon before but what was so amazing was the apparent proximity and the view as we saw it –  this looming luminous disk right in the middle of two mountains..grey peaks set against the black night sky and there she shone this perfect round iridescent wonderment..Technically,it’s described as an optical illusion but the moon couldnt look any more real than it did that night.

The husband rushed back home, grabbed his camera and drove back to the ice cream place to get a shot of the view, only to realise that, at the end of all that frantic rushing up and down four flights of stairs he had forgotten to load the batteries!!..All hope is not lost. As per NASA the next supermoon will appear on August 10 and September 9. For the time being guess I’ll be happy feasting my eyes on the pictures posted online

next-supermoon-10-august-2014.jpg (558Ă—456)Coming to the second part of my rambles. Am I a supermom? No, I don’t think so. Im just trying to be the best mum I possibly can. But I do know a couple of supermoms who raise their kids and manage full time jobs all on their own.Its wonderful to see them and looking at the way they’ve got it all down to a T is nothing short of inspiring.

super-mom.jpg (123Ă—222)

Looking back to how I used to be ten years ago, my twenty year old self would’ve balked and guffawed at the idea of kids..Kids were smelly trouble makers…as long as they were at a safe enough distance where they wouldn’t pull your hair, throw you off balance or swing things in your direction I would look and smile at them in fake admiration. I guess inspite of the fact that I had matured physically, emotionally I was just an immature child who couldn’t take care of herself and had neither the affinity nor the time to care for another human being.

This weekend a very dear friend of mine, D confirmed that she was expecting her first child and it was the best news I’ve heard from her in a long time. My twenty year old self would’ve thought that I had lost her now and that her life had come to an end..but as a mother myself I realize that her life is now taking a turn for the best.

At thirty I believe these little human beings are life changers. They make you feel and perceive things you’ve never felt or perceived before. They give you a better appreciation for yourself and for the world around you. I’ve never loved myself more than I do now. Children bring out that certain kind of love you may never have thought you were capable of – unconditional, always present, powerful..Isn’t this what makes God the greatest parent?!

Okay this was supposed to be short …Have a great week guys!