Monday Rambles – Mummy says…

Hello guys!..I’m coming down with something – a cold ?a flu? not sure yet, but I have a box of Kleenex ready and my laptop steady as I lie down on the couch and type out my Monday morning rambles for the new week.

I have no clue how I contracted the virus I’m not sure but I’m thinking its an allergy of sorts from the cold wind that blew saturday evening while I caught up on Selena Gomez and her hard partying ways and Oprahs ‘35 ways to make over your life‘ while the baby slept peacefully at the back of the car as the husband went into Best Buy to check on something – Men and their romance with electronics!

Anyways moving onto rambles. My mother has been big on Proverbs and sayings. Everyday she would dole out her pearls of wisdom at the end of every after- school conversation while growing up.The ‘Top 3’ as I remember them are

1. A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.

2. Do not judge a book by the cover.

3. You are what you eat.

Now it was upto us my brother and I to take these words of wisdom and see how they held up as we tried to apply it in the real world and out there trying to put these sayings to practical use was tough. At the workplace I saw that people with the worst reputations were very quickly climbing up the corporate ladder, The lazier a person looked in his outward appearance most likely he was a ‘shabby snook’ in real life as well.

i_4156_celebrities-who-looks-like-cartoon-characters-008.jpg (640×432)

With busy schedules it was not always easy to be mindful of what we ate.

I dont mean to discredit Mum just wanted to say that to apply Mums life lessons to everyday life was not easy. the ‘Real World’ was tough and the rules had to be applied in a different way to get through life while preserving your sense of self dignity and self esteem.

Maybe we’ll dwell on this together later. Have a great week guys!


Monday Rambles – Are you Grajoyous?

Hello Everyone! Yet another Monday! My apologies for my lackluster showing last week and a big “Thank you” to everyone who dropped by nevertheless to check in. Your visits are much appreciated!

Death is just the other side on the coin in the currency of Life and inevitable as it is, death and dying is always thought of with considerable fear and trepidation. I’ve sometimes thought about how it is that I would die. Not that I have a choice but, when the dark hooded messenger of death comes to me holding his scythe I would prefer not to have to acknowledge his presence and just die peacefully in my sleep..

It was a sad week for us in the family with the passing of an Uncle on my husbands side from internal bleeding following a fall as he went to get the morning paper. What was even more tragic was that he passed on the day of his wife’s tenth death anniversary. This news was closely followed by the news of the death of one of the worlds greatest entertainers Robin Williams. Both me and my husband are big fans of the comedy icon and so it felt like a week of tragedies.

I wonder how it would feel to be ‘ready’ for death. the more I think, the more I’m convinced that the feeling will only come from truly living this life ‘Grajoyously’ and Yes, I made that word up. Being ‘Grajoyous’ to me entails having –

1. Gratitude – for everything in your life, the health, the wealth, happy moments, the sorrows, the struggles, the good friends and family who support and nurture you, the frenemies and the mean monsters that keep you grounded and on your toes. There is so much in life to feel gratitude for!

1789-forgive-your-enemies-but-never-forget-their-names.png (485×489)

2. Joy – Joy in life comes from the choices you make in life. The God spirit in you has given you the power to make choices in your life. Choose Happiness. 🙂

HeMan.jpg (500×500)

Talking about Joy on a lighter note.. I love chocolates. Dark, Milk, White, In any flavor possible – Its my happy addiction. I keep telling my friends if ever there was a rehab for chocolate addiction maybe I should check myself in (?)

We are a family of chocaholics and as the saying goes ‘the apple doesn’t fall too far away from the tree’ and so I find my daughter is following suit. Despite our resolve to banish chocolates from the house we gave in to Ems crying at Ikea the other day and got her a bar of their delicious hazelnut milk chocolate..It was hot and sweltering and by the time we walked back to the car the chocolate had already half melted. Well, long story short we ended up with quite a mess in the car seat at the back.

em chocolate

Have a Grajoyous week folks!